Everyone has had a day where the world just did not seem to be on
their side and that black cloud was persistently over their head.
If you are simply having one of those days where your self
confidence seems to be dragging you down, instead of wallowing in
self pity, take steps to boost yourself up! Maybe you just woke
up not quite feeling your best or made a significant mistake in
front of someone important. Perhaps you did not do as well as
you thought on your test or did not excel at your interview.

Whatever the reason, learning a few tricks to quickly boost your
self confidence will have a bounce in your step and your head in
the clouds in no time!

Find a physical activity you enjoy doing. Whether it is jogging,
aerobics, or yoga, exercise is a sure-fire way to boost your self
confidence. If you are starting to feel low, take 15 minutes out
of your day to exercise your worries away.

In addition to producing endorphins that raise your spirits, you
will have lessened your chances for disease, heart attack, and
stroke in one fell swoop. If that capability is not enough to
boost your self confidence, then think about the physical effects
of exercise.

Even a brief amount of exercise is enough to trim and shape up
your body. The old saying, when you look good, you feel good is
in full effect.

Take a second to be silly whether you need a hearty belly laugh
or a moment to dance by yourself. A second is enough time to feel
good about yourself again. Many websites will send jokes to your
inbox on a daily or weekly basis. Sign up for this free service
and open the e-mail when you are feeling low. There is nothing
like a good laugh to remind yourself what a great person you are.

Put on your favorite song and dance like there is no tomorrow.
In addition to easing your stress, your self confidence will
shoot through the roof as the music brings back favorite

Allow yourself a luxury. Remind yourself you are important and
worthy of the world on a silver platter. When things are not
going your way and you begin to question yourself, take time to
reward yourself. Whether it is a chocolate kiss or a pat on the
back, your spirits-and self esteem-will be lifted.

Write down your goals that you have achieved and look back at
them when you are feeling low.

Maybe you were the first person to graduate from college in your
family. Perhaps you just closed on a fantastic house. Maybe you
made president of your organization.

Whatever your accomplishment, allow yourself a minute to remind
yourself of your worth.
Keep of your family and friends to remind yourself all these
people are rooting for you to succeed. Make yourself notes that
congratulate yourself on handling a situation or completing a

Learn from your mistakes as the old adage goes, when life gives
you lemons, make lemonade. Acknowledge where you made your
mistake and forgive yourself. That constant nagging guilt will
ruin your self esteem.

Make the necessary means to rid the guilt, learn from your
actions, and move on.

Think of mistakes as happy accidents or learning experiences.

How ever you choose to boost your self esteem, know that by doing
so you approve of yourself as a person. Allowing issues to get
you down will only lower your self esteem further.

By keeping a positive attitude, you will have the ability to turn
around unsavory situations and make them positive ones. Keep in
mind you are a worthy person who has a bright future.

Author's Bio: 

Emmanuel Segui is an author, trainer, speaker, hypnotist and NLP
meta-master-practitioner. He's continually helping people develop
their potential genius. His vision is to create a new world of
possibilities where people are willing to develop their full potential.
His life is dedicated to personal development and excellence.

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