Write a list of your 101 personal accomplishments and 101 personal achievements for last year. Then write a list of your 101 intended accomplishments for the new year.

While you write, you may notice secondary thoughts or things you say to yourself.

You have likely heard it before that we have approx. 60,000 thoughts a day. Nearly two-thirds of those are not very positive and that does not mean the remaining third are much to write home about either!

Recall all the things you said to yourself, as you wrote your lists. You can be sure that this is the kind of thing that you are repeating to yourself, daily (in a variety of disguises).

If you are wanting this year to be different and you really wish to leave a "footprint" this year then it is time to be conscious of these gremlins and catch yourself moment by moment.

It takes practice to hear your negatives and to instantly replace these thoughts with more "conscious" and empowering statements. Do this often enough and it does eventually become second nature.

With heightened awareness and management of your thoughts, you will notice that your speech, your actions and your environment (including people) will begin to align with your created future.

You could spend the next 365 days doing what you have been doing, and achieve the same results you are getting now. . .

Consider that if nothing changed and you took no deliberate action in the direction of your intended future, then the things that you consider to be "problems" today could very likely be the same challenges that you spend time with at the end of last year.

What would have to happen for you to spice up your life and get to the end this year with a brand new set of issues that demand your attention?

What enlivening challenges will you be intent on attracting this year?

Will your friends and colleagues hear the same 'stories' from you next new year because you would not step away from a familiar 'survival mode' that has become so comfortable?

The following are my reasons for getting up each morning.

This is what I am building with every action that I take to expand my business.

1. I only ever need to do things that are fun, and for which I feel a passion.

2. I leave a legacy of successful and very happy people, and that gives me a buzz.

3. I personally know thousands of successful and positive people who I can call anytime, and who can reach me anytime.

I can live these each day, beginning now! I do not need to wait till my goals are accomplished to bring these into my life.

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