Though there have been many forms of online dating since the beginning the internet, there was initially a social stigma associated with it. People who dated online were thought to be strange, socially inept, or otherwise undesirable people that were resorting to an extreme measure to find dates. However, in the middle of the 1990s online dating became more popular. As of 2006, the stigma of online dating has all but disappeared, and it is widely regarded as an practical and effective way of meeting people for dates, relationships, and even marriage.

There are many benefits to online dating compared to meeting people by chance or at a bar, or party. Users of a dating site can browse potential dates prior to communicating with them. In a live social setting, you are limited to the people present in the room, and may be approached by someone you have no interest in. Online, it is much easier to say hello to people you may have otherwise been too nervous to approach. Additionally, there are thousands more people to choose from, and you can select from people in any location in the world.

Meeting someone at a bar, nightclub or party does not offer better security that meeting someone online. In fact, most dates that are arranged online result only after a long exchange of emails and phone calls, so members are able to get a feel for their potential date before even meeting them.
Stigmas aside, online dating is the fastest growing method of meeting people there is today, and has already permanently changed the way people find dates in our society.

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