Having arrived back from Australia the first of April, it has been an absolute whirlwind, with more going on than I could ever accomplish. The HNLP Practitioner is starting in a day, so lots of preparation for this life changing training. Additionally there are amazing opportunities to joint venture with some great speakers and trainers who I have had the pleasure to meet and be in community with. But one of the most exciting ventures has been with my good friend Stefanie Hartman.
We just completed the Entrepreneurs Breakthrough weekend and what a great group of people gathered for this event. Students came from all over the country who participated in this landmark training. It has taken me and Stefanie two years of conversations to pull our information together and produce this training event. She is a wizard with marketing and I contributed all the internal mindset skills for success. I can honestly say it blew me away sitting in the audience listening to such easy strategies that I have never thought of, to create influence and revenue. I reached a deep level of contentment knowing we never lost sight of the possibilities and finally to experience the joy of our vision becoming real.
Stefanie and I both knew we were missing something in our original systems. For me, I was missing the knowledge of how to help my students create a successful business strategy so their desire to help others, would become a profitable business. For Stefanie, it was teaching her students how to breakthrough the limitations of their beliefs systems and harness the power within them so the strategies she was teaching would become actualized not sabotaged.
The combination of skills we have put together is nothing short of awesome.
As I have sat with the results of the weekend I was struck with the realization that if we never give up on our dream it must manifest. I recently presented with Michael Gelb through his Innovation and Leadership Academy for a large group of his corporate clients. Michael just finished his book Innovate like Edsion, which he co-authored with Sarah Miller Caldicott who is the great grandniece of Thomas Edison.
One of my greatest take always from the book I have received is the principle of never giving up. Each one of us is inconsistent at best and our focus can waver therefore our results prolonged. There is one thing that I know builds self esteem and that is setting an outcome and manifesting the results. In my own personal life I have only fallen short when I waver in my commitment to reaching my objective. When clients schedule sessions their problem is often times traced back to lack of self esteem laced with lack of follow through.
Each one of us requires identifying our right work which satisfies our souls longing to make a contribution. When we have identified our path then create a way to follow it with as much tenacity as Thomas Edison did discovering how to bring light to the world. No matter what seeming set backs, never give up until you find a way. If we never lose our focus, the future becomes a clear PATH.
I knew Stefanie and I would make a great team from the moment I met her and thought there was a latent power of possibility there. We have been in conversation for two years both knowing there was something present to do and neither one of us lost sight of the target.
The possibilities are endless as they are for every one of you. We are only limited by our beliefs and the evidences that we have gathered that our beliefs are real. Think out of your comfort zone and dream a bigger dream than your experiences say you can. Stretch, imagine and create relationships that are aligned to your deepest values. Gather your TRIBE and step forward with the constant mantra on your lips: I AM, I CAN.
We will be holding our Entrepreneurs Breakthrough Weekend in Vancouver British Columbia in September 2008 and in Australia in November. If you would like to be part of the training or help us get the word out please contact me via e-mail at gary@garyderodriguez.com. Our vision is to create a group of empowered entrepreneurs that shifts the heart of business, create a amazing contribution and brings consciousness to capitalism.

Author's Bio: 

Gary De Rodriguez is an internationally acclaimed expert in the science of human excellence. For nearly a quarter of a century, Gary has designed and integrated the most effective models of psychology-based systems of success in human behavior and experience.
Gary’s educational background extends from psychology, philosophy, neuro-linguistic programming, and hypnotherapy.
He has followed the trails of theses sciences back to the roots of the shamanic practices of the Kahunas of Hawaii, the native peoples of North America and the mystic paths of India. He has spent fifteen years traveling through India living for periods with a living Master in Northern India and practicing meditation for over twenty years.
He is the founder of Life Design International which is an international corporate and public training company with offices in Western Australia and Santa Fe New Mexico.
His commitment is to weave the powerful tools of working with deeper self with the spiritual thread that runs through all cultures into a practical daily strategy for fulfillment. He entitles his work “Urban Shamanism”.
His training’s run the spectrum from revolutionizing the culture of such corporate clients such as the LA. County Sheriffs Department, McGraw Hill Publishing, Elan Pharmaceuticals and many more, to leading spiritual retreats in the outback of Australia’s Northern Territory.
His purpose is to rise the resonance of people by providing the TOOLS to still the story of their mind so the natural spiritual remembrance of who we have always been can awaken one person at a time.

He masters the complexities of human thinking and teaches others to evolve to a whole brain 3-D thinking perspective essential in developing leadership, managing change, mastering communications, accelerating motivation, and constructing unified teams. Because he has assisted so many Fortune 500 companies in increasing employee alliance, expanding sales and profits, reducing stress, and energizing and empowering the corporate culture, Gary is one of the most highly recognized and sought after corporate consultants to thousands of people around the world.

Gary’s vision is devoted to helping corporations and individuals endure and master the dynamics of change. Holding the philosophy that life doesn’t happen to us, it happens from us, he offers a unique and self-accountable paradigm from which to leverage results. In the 25 years he has spent working in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Europe, Gary understands the common threads of difficulty experienced in organizations and offers applicable tools and principles for producing results.