The power of NLP comes from its fast and effective way of dealing with problems and difficulties. If we could summarize NLP in one equation, it would be: present state + resources = desired state.

The present state is where the person is, with his challenge, difficulty or problem he wants to solve. The desired state is a future state where the person has found the solution. The resources are qualities, values, beliefs, ideas, understandings or notions the client needs to develop to be able to jump from the present state to the desired state, which is the solution.

Now, to deal effectively with a situation, we have to define clearly what the present and the desired states are and what the differences are, very specifically.

Here are 6 steps to define very specifically where the client wants to go.

First, construct a clear and precise definition of the objective. What do you really want to obtain? Is the objective desirable? Are you attracted by the objective? When do you want to reach the goal? Where? With who?

Second, what is the result after reaching the objective? What is the outcome of the outcome? Does this further outcome attract you? Is it desirable?

Third, what are the proofs that the objective will be reached? How do you know the goal will be obtained? What will you see, hear and feel then? How and when will you be satisfied?

Fourth, determine the constraints. What could prevent you from achieving the goal? What are your chances of attaining the goal? What are the risks? What are the consequences on others, the system?

Fifth, find the resources. Can you accomplish this goal? Is it under your control? Do you think you can do it? What other resources would you want to achieve the goal in terms of money, time, people or qualities?

Sixth, Take action and decide. What will be the first step you’re going to take to accomplish the goal? When are you going to start?

These are a lot of questions. Questions are essential to define a clear desired state and to handle change more effectively. Go over these 6 steps, over and over again, whenever you need to solve a problem or set a goal.

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