Coaches, mentors! I have a great tool for you. This tool will help your clients eliminate a limiting belief in 10 minutes or less. I promise you that.

But you need to do something special. You need to go to the nature. Take your car, bring your client and tell him that he’s going to have a little surprise.

I learned this tool in my NLP and neuro-semantics training and used it numerous times to quickly change my limiting beliefs.

But if you don’t like unconventional tools and techniques, don’t try it. I don’t want you to feel stupid. (After picking your curiosity, I’m sure you’re going to try it, or at least, read the rest of this article, aren’t you?)

Simple. You need a pen, a paper, some space and your client. Write down on the first piece of paper what is the limiting belief and put it on the floor or the ground.

Write down on the other piece of paper the replacing belief, the positive one and put it down on the floor also, next to your limiting belief or far away if you want… it’s up to you.

Then shout, as loud as you can, “NO”, to the paper that has the limiting belief on it. Shout, yell, do whatever it takes, but “NO”, you don’t want that anymore. It’s not part of your life anymore, from now on.

Now, look at the paper that has the enhancing belief on it and shout “YES” with a smile on your face preferably. In the same way, shout, yell, do whatever it takes, but “YES”, you definitely want that belief to be a part of you.

This seemed so crazy when I tried it the first time. If you’re a serious guy who is so serious that he can’t possibly do a childish thing like that, put your Mickey Mouse ears before doing it or your clown nose. Don’t be so serious. Life is fun and beautiful, don’t you think?

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