Think about your family. Your children are the most precious thing you can have. Nurture them. Love them. Calm them down. Have fun with them. Create your life with them. Teach them the simple truths of life.

Think about yourself. Too many people sacrifice themselves and that’s the only thing they do.

Believe in yourself. Pursue your dreams. Reach your goals. Be wise. Your potential is unlimited. Your contribution to the world is important.

Believe in the Universe. God wants you to be successful. Whether you believe in God or in Nature, it’s good to become more spiritual.

Think about your life. If your past has been hard, it’s good. If it was easy, it’s good. Everything is well. You’re here for a specific purpose. Find that purpose and make your future a remarkable path toward excellence.

Read good books. Listen to good music. Attend good seminars. Lift your spirit.

Listen to your heart. If you’re a parent, a teacher, a trainer or a CEO of a big company, you’ll find there is no better way then leading from the heart to transform your life and company.

Stay away from negative people. Influence is huge. Surround yourself with the kind of people that have the same qualities that you already have or that you want to develop.

I love the movie “Amelie”. Maybe because it’s a French movie, and that’s where I come from. But Amelie is a special girl. She lives simply and enjoys the simple pleasures of life. She lives her life innocently until she discovers that her innocence and kindness can save lives. Be kind. Be innocent. Lead from the heart.

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