Your parents, environment, friends and other influences have shaped your life. Habits have been created, programs have been setup and behaviors have been learned. In the first 10 to 12 years of your life, you have learned 80% of the habits you have now.

De-programming negative behaviors and breaking bad habits can be done. Change can occur and it’s actually not as difficult as it seems to change some limiting thinking if you respect the change cycle.

Here are 7 steps you will follow and 5 questions you will ask yourself to effectively handle change in your life.

1. What’s your problem? Take some time to define the problem that you’re having. Changes are that you’re pretty well aware of it and you don’t need to dwell on this question more than 2 or 3 minutes.

2. What do you want? Most people know exactly what they don’t want and have a hard time focusing on things they want. They don’t want to smoke, feel pain in their back or be poor. But all these statements put an emphasis on the words “smoking”, “pain” and “poor”. Get rid of these words and take your time to define what you really want. It’s a question that you will hear over and over again by coaches, hypnotists or mentors. Yet, this is the question that most people have a hard time answering. Start answering by saying: “I am or I do or I have”. Define what you want, define your affirmation.

3. What does it mean to you? Bring to your consciousness what it means to you to achieve what you want. Feel it in your heart and your soul. You‘re the meaning maker. Create a meaning that you believe in and that will solidify your life.

4. Why do I want it? What is your vision? What is the goal of accomplishing this objective? What is important to you? Why do you want what you want? How bad do you want it? Does it serve a purpose? If yes, what is this purpose?

5. How will it make you feel or be? Think about how you will feel when you get what you really want: freedom, peace, satisfaction, contentment or maybe gratitude.

6. When you have answered these questions and felt the answer in your heart and soul, you’re ready for a change. Repeat your affirmation everyday, for 30 days at least, and notice, everyday a change in your attitude, body, emotions or even philosophy of life.

7. Visualize what you will see, hear and feel when you get there. Visualize your purpose, your vision. Feel now what you want to feel when you get there. Amplify the sounds, pictures and feelings; make the images brighter and closer to you.

If you follow this plan, you will get what you want. And remember, the most important steps are step 1 through 5. Answer the questions with clarity. You will then be able to visualize and program your subconscious mind for breathtaking success.

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