NLP developed through the years numerous tools and strategies to influence people. Unfortunately, people abuse these tools and use these techniques without any ethics.

Before learning these tools and use them, I want you to read the article I wrote entitled: “NLP: 6 Steps to Become a Master Persuader”

Here are 5 steps you will follow to persuade anyone and influence with integrity:

1. Define your objective. Use the NLP well-formed outcome model to define your goal and objective in your context and situation.

2. Build rapport through words. Listen carefully to the words other people speak. They reveal their internal world view and you will be able to influence quickly and easily when you match the other person’s world view.

3. Build rapport through body language. Watch carefully the body language of the person you talk to. Notice their breathing pattern, their voice rhythm, tempo and volume. Notice their gesture and posture as well.

4. Build rapport through NLP meta-programs. NLP uses the term meta-programs to indicate the habitual patterns used by an individual when people communicate in a given situation. Read my article “NLP: 3 Steps to Motivate People with NLP Meta-Programs” if you want to know more about how to use NLP meta-programs to influence and persuade people

5. Master Words that Change Minds. The more you enter the person’s world view, the more you’re able to understand how they are being motivated and of course the easier you can adjust your language to match their specific patterns.

Use these 5 steps to be a master persuader. You’ll be able to stand for yourself, be assertive, negotiate better, sell more, be a better leader and influence people with integrity.

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