Relationships are fragile. You can start or end a relationship in
1 minute. If you want to end it, everyone knows how to do this
one so I won't talk about it.

Now, keeping a relationship is what almost anybody wants to
master: "How to stay in good terms and have better

That's why also you can find tons and tons of products,
especially on the internet, on marriage, stopping divorce,
communication, relationships etc.

Here are 5 simple keys you will find useful and necessary to
nurture better relationships. These are positive, constructive
and proactive behaviors you will practice to get along with other

1. Be agreeable. When you are agreeable, you find that other
people will like to be around you. They feel more welcomed,
relaxed when they are around you. It is good for them as for you
as well.

2. Smile. Yes! Just Smile. This one is not hard at all and can do
miracles. You never know when someone had a bad day. Your smile
will be well received as it conveys fraternity and welcoming.

3. Have an attitude of gratitude. Every relationship is special.
Bad relationships are special as well. Now, I advise everybody to
stay away from negative people. It doesn't you can't be thankful
for this person in your life for a moment. After all, you already
know that everything is for your best and highest good.

4. Learn to continue saying "Thank you" and "I'm sorry". Words
are one of the most powerful weapons that exist. They can destroy
someone. They can create feeling of welcoming, gentleness,
relaxation, amusement or forgiveness as well. Learning to say
"Thank you" and "I'm sorry" is not easy task, especially for men.
Solve this problem because it can and will save your
relationships. After all there are just words. Is there something
preventing you from saying them?

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