Using contraceptives are bad for women's health. Scientific research show contradicting news that they are safe as contraceptive but increase chances of cancer.
Therefore we suggest to follow the natural birth control methods which is by simple observation and healthy and safe. We recommend that both the husband and wife should take equal responsibility in recording the fertile period. Like a seed requiring water to sprout, the egg released from the ovary requires proper fluidic conditions. It is very interesting to note that women has mucus secretion which is thick after the menstrual flow. As the days of the egg release approaches, the mucus turns thin. On the egg releasing day the mucus is watery fluid. If the egg is not fertilized with sperm then after the egg is discarded from the uterus the mucus starts to dry away.
So watching the mucus pattern one can determine the egg release and the safe period. usually the safe period is ends after 9th day of menstruation and begins after the 20th day of the cycle.
Watching the mucus pattern not only helps to do birth control but also for a women to know the highest chance to conceive by observing the egg release day.
It is very important for a LOVING husband to avoid using contraceptives that damages the hormonal system of the wife and so should take active participation in observing and recording the mucus pattern to determine the safe period.

Hesitating to act because the whole vision might not be achieved,
or because others do not yet share it, is an attitude that only hinders progress"

Priya Chhalliyil shares her experience to convey the message that healthy pregnancy and carein natural meansis possible and it makes a tremendous difference in the mother's life and the child's lifeand ofcourse the family andthe soceity. Hope her experience helps you also.
My Story
My pregnancy and delivery of Pranav Challiyil was a wonderful spiritual experience. Conception according to me should not be an accident during sex. It should be a conscious conception. Looking back into history great people have born to conscious parents. I believed life should be meaningful and a conscious child would always be good for him or her and also to the society. I and my husband Pradheep wanted a child who would serve spiritual needs of people.
Fairfield, IOWA
My husband and I chose an auspicious day in end of April 2000 in Fairfield, the spiritual town in Iowa, spend the whole day in meditation and prayers. The sexual act was more than pleasure so divine and blissful. I could really feel the conception event-taking place in my body the next day. I tried to maintain good health and spirit throughout pregnancy. Two months before pregnancy I did castor oil cleansing to keep my body healthy. Throughout my pregnancy I had morning sickness and my husband told me that healthy mother of a healthy child would have morning sickness. He told me that body is intelligent and it responds in this way as a cleansing mechanism. I have never heard or read or anyone giving me an explanation for morning sickness other than Pradheep.
Morning sickness
Pradheep being a biochemist explained that liver is the detoxifier of the body and it dispenses water soluble toxins through blood which kidneys get rid off in urine. Those toxins which are not water soluble , liver secretes into bile and excretes though the feces. Since the growing kid has to be protected from toxins, mother’s body intelligently uses this approach to protect the kid by throwing out the toxins through bile. This theory later was backed up by scientific studies showing that there was a increased chance of premature babies born to mom’s with less or no morning sickness.
No Pills
I went to regular check ups in the hospital to satisfy my parents and in-laws. The doctors during every visit recommended to use vitamin pills and supplements. Throughout pregnancy I did not take any single pill. All that I did was eating a well balanced food. All the food maximum was organic too. For breakfast everyday I used mostly Indian millet (ragi, rich in calcium and iron and fiber) and mixed with nuts. I drank two freshly prepared juices, one I drink before going to office and one around 10.30 Am at office.
Fruit juices: I drank all variety of fruit juices like oranges, peaches, apples, kiwi, Pomegranate, figs, lot of dates, jujubes, mangoes, plums, pineapple, papaya (avoided raw , only ripped ones), grapes, grape fruits, guavas, water melon, persimmons, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries. I drank everyday whole milk, soymilk, almond milk, corn milk etc. Everyone said I looked pretty with rosy cheeks. I gained weight slowly and gradually but healthily. Sometimes the doctor told I gained less weight. My husband told me that weight gaining gradually is only good and he said confidently that if one takes good food then the body knows how much weight to put on. He said women who tend to put more weight will find difficult to lose weight after delivery.
Grains and vegetables: Afternoons for lunches I ate every day different type of vegetables, beans and legumes. Being a strict vegetarian I used legumes for gaining weight. Eating this and Ragi helped me not to get any pregnancy related diabetes problems or hypertension problems. They were very normal.
Water therapy: I did water therapy as usual, 1.5 liters and throughout the day I drank at least another 4 liters. Everyone said it was not good to take so much water. I listened only to what my husband said. He said it is good to drink water and so all toxins would be flushed away from the body. He was right I did not have any pregnancy related problems like high blood pressure, weakness, acidity, swelling of legs or gestational diabetes.
Women usually have gas problems. I never had in spite of eating a lot of legumes and beans. The reason is we used ginger and garlic in preparing and more over we sprout them or soak in water for at least a day or two. I never had indigestion not even once.
I did the Pancha Bhoota yoga throughout pregnancy (avoiding a few exercises). Doing acupressure and self massage for the kid was the joyful part. Night before going to bed I did relaxation. Thus I never suffered from any leg or joint problems as other women did. Never had cramping or swellings in legs. I walked everyday 2 to 3 miles. This also kept me fit. More-over I never sit on table and eat food. I sat down on the floor cross legged. This helps the expansion of pelvis. It is a very good exercise. When I went to Lamas class, the teacher was astonished to see me sitting cross legged and so were other pregnant women. They said it is dream to sit like that. I also did “Aswini mudra” exercise.
Talking to the kid: I talked to the kid always and gave kid information what I was doing, like I am working or I am walking etc. Night I would tell him to sleep when I go to bed. Morning I would wake him up. Afternoon I would read spiritual books and that time he would show movements of excitement. I told him that he should be social with everyone, always with a smiling face. When I do my yoga and massage I would suggest the kid to grow healthily and come out through normal delivery.
Celibacy: After conception we maintained celibacy thinking about the good health of the kid. We felt that that would harm the psychology of the kid later in life. Though doctors say its safe, we never had sex during pregnancy and also after delivery till our kid stopped having breast milk. we felt through breast milk, hormones that are aroused during sexual act will reach the baby.
Good atmosphere: Every day morning and evening we did meditation. We also did prayers regularly and read and watched spiritual books and videos only. I my husband talked to the kid sang songs and maintained peaceful atmosphere.
I worked till the end of seventh month as a computer programmer and during the work I tried to avoid too much of stress. In the seventh month my husband and a few friends gathered in Chicago Aurora temple and performed the traditional Hindu rituals for pregnant women. I thank Saroja Aunty and Mrs. Padma Venkatesh for taking the role of mother and sister performing such a warm ceremony. I was given sweets, and dresses in the temple and I was worn glass bangles. It is considered that the mind (psyche) develops in the seventh month and so the pregnant women should always be cheerful and optimistic and enjoy nice and pleasant moments. The pleasant glass bangles sound give the kid the sense of sound. In India, the pregnant mom would be invited by neighbors and relatives and friends and would cook food to her choice. My friends here in Fairfield were very kind to provide lunches and dinner to me.
My parents, Mr.K.Krishnan and Mrs. Swayam Prabha.
In India, usually in the seventh month the girl goes to her parents home and returns only after the third or fourth month of delivery. Since I had visa problems to go back to India, my parents came to take care of me at the beginning of the ninth month. After my parents the atmosphere was more relaxing and fun. We were going to regular hospital checkups. We wanted a home delivery with help of a birth attendant. We dropped the idea because our parents would be worried and they would think that we are crazy and taking a big risk.
Till then end we tried to avoid scans and in the end we were forced to do two scans. On 19th Friday 2001 I went for regular check up and the doctor did a painful examination. I screamed out of pain and I started to bleed in the night. I had painful contractions but when I called the doctor they said to come next day. On Saturday we went and after long waiting the doctor checked and said there was no dilation. I came back home and the whole night I suffered from false contractions which was induced by improper examination of the doctor (probably he might have triggered a nerve for contraction when he examined).
Day of birth
On Sunday morning when we deiced again to go to the hospital to our surprise my parents told Pradheep about seeking a birth attendant to check my dilation. He was happy and that was what he wanted to hear. He immediately called the birth attendant Robin Lim. She immediately came and did a wonderful job of a birth attendant. She was well equipped and had modern tools and had the caring of a mom. She made me relax well by doing relaxing exercises. She made to lie in the water tub which helped me to overcome the painful contractions. My water broke finally and Robin lim said I was the only one whom she had seen crystal clear placental water. Usually women’s water would be creamy yellow to brown in color. The lighter the color of the fluid, healthier the placental fluid. Robin said that was because of the water therapy I was doing. I should also thank our friend Radha Aunty who was there to help the delivery.
The improper examination of the doctor gave false contractions before the due date (three weeks earlier) and so when the baby descended down , he was not in the right position. His head was slightly tilted and she waited for a few hours to get into right position. Robin became tensed finding that Pranav’s head was still tilted and was struck near the opening. She did not reveal that to us and felt that it was better to take me to the hospital for C-Section. She came to the living room and sat down for meditation and asked Ammachi what should be done. Robin’s eye fell on a red book lying in the book shelf which was just one among many other books. She picked it (surprisingly it was Ammachi’s “Awaken Children”) and opened casually a page and in it was the following lines. “ Children this nature and our body is made up of Pancha Bhoota’s, the five elements. By surrendering totally to one’s guru miracles could happen”. (in fact we have been doing free Pancha Bhoota healing to many, the name which was given to Pradheep by Ammachi in his meditation). That’s it. Robin got enormous strength and confidence. S he applied Ammachi’s holy water on my abdomen and prayed Ammachi and examined me. It was really a miracle of Ammachi, the kid came back astonishingly to the right position. In the peak of my intense labor pain, I cried looking at Amma’s picture and suddenly I got connected to her eyes. I smelled the same fragrance of her and in a wink of a second Pranav came out in a very unique posture, prostrating towards the direction of Amma’s picture in our prayer room. All of a sudden he came out and actually no one saw he coming out. Pranav is truly Amma’s Prasad for us.
Amazing results
In our own experience, we have experimented with our child. When Priya was pregnant, she used to read aloud certain, chosen books for our baby. It is not surprising that from the age of two our son loves us to read those books. During pregnancy, at bedtime, she used to tell the baby that it is night time and we are going to bed and would sing a lullaby. After birth, that lullaby is still like a magic spell which puts him to sleep. These are just small evidences to show you that the "environment" during pregnancy strongly influences the emotions and intelligence of the child in future.

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