I was in a nice boutique the other day and noticed a song playing that basically said “My girlfriend is a jerk” repeatedly. Then the next chorus was I love my girlfriend and I’m going to stay with her forever. This wasn’t even a country song, it was current pop music.

Mixed messages in those lyrics, or what? Is it any wonder we have such confusion about relationships? Stay in ones where someone treats you badly, yet love the person you don’t like. Now that IS confusing.

We are becoming so conscientious about our lives and our health. Some of us are even saying no to television. What about our music? We should really pay attention to WHAT we listen to as it can definitely put us in a good mood or a weird mood. It can even sway our feelings about our partner. I’m not saying it can put you into a bad mood because why would we consciously listen to music that is going to put us in a bad mood? The lyrics to songs definitely play on our subconscious and it does it repetitively. Remember a time when you couldn’t get a song out of your mind? Well, those songs are really placed somewhere in our subconscious for us to hook onto, particularly when we’re feeling low.

One of my students asked in a class recently if the music she listens to is going to affect her. She asked this out of the blue after an offhanded discussion at lunch about what we hear affects our body, thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc. I asked her what she listened to and she sheepishly said “country western”. The entire class simultaneously said “Uh Oh”.
Now country music is quite depressing as they are always talking about lost loves, drinking and other dastardly deeds. Imagine what that will do over prolonged periods of time for someone who already has a tendency to be negative. This type music can tend to make someone act more from the negative aspects they already have. Really, any music that has lyrics about lost love, hating someone, getting revenge, etc. all impact us on the subconscious level.

A pregnant mother wanting a calm child will spend time listening to calm music and trying to be in a peaceful place. Why not take this into our adult lives?

Masuru Emoto, author of “Message from Water”, demonstrates, visually, exactly what classical music does for water with a contrast to what hard rock music does to water. Wayne Green, founder of CD Review Magazine, founded the magazine with the purpose of getting small labels with more eclectic and balanced music out into the public and more press coverage. In the book The “Secret Life of Plants” there is documented evidence that the group of rats exposed to rock music began killing each other. Our bodies are made of mostly water – isn’t it time to take action with what songs we listen to?

I recommend to my meditation class that they turn off the music for one week while they are driving. The purpose of this is to get the students who truly wish to have peace through the aspect of meditation to realize that quiet in the car is actually very soothing. The reports back from the students are that they generally find is that they want to continue to drive more often without the radio on because they feel more relaxed.

Join us in making your energy shift and listen to more happy, fun, relaxing music and see what happens to your life and your body.

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Sheevaun O. Moran – author of the book Learn to Meditate in 2 Minutes, the book Shotgun Shopping – Adventures in How to Materialize Anything Through the Metaphor of Shopping and 13 Meditate and Transform CD’s. She is the founder of Energetic Solutions, I Am Success Now – Paramitas, and Good to Go Restaurants.

She has authored hundreds of articles, been featured on CBS News, Japan’s version of Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and many other publications. Sheevaun has personally worked with over 7,000 individuals and businesses worldwide. Her techniques are powerful energy tools to transform health, create opportunity and she always helps her clients get results FAST.