What are you focused on? What are you changing? Have you defined it yet, or are you in the wandering phase? You know the one we’re talking about. You wander around saying, “I’m just not happy.” “I don’t like the way this is going.” “If only it were better.” “If I didn’t have to work for them.” “I wish I wasn’t broke.”

This is a beginning. Recognizing what you’re unhappy with is certainly a first step toward creating a positive change. However, before anything really powerful can happen, you must focus.

When you identify exactly what you want, you put yourself on the road to getting it. It doesn’t matter if you know exactly how to get there, but it does matter if you know where you’re going.

Think about getting in your car and taking off. Perhaps you’ve been hanging out around your house and you decide you are tired of the gloom. The sun hasn’t peeked out in weeks and you’re done. So you get in your car and start driving. You have no idea where you are headed, you just know that you’re tired of not seeing the sun.

After you drive for a few days you find yourself in Northern Canada and the sun is shining . . . on 5 feet of snow! Well, this doesn’t look very appealing to you. You feel frustrated and aggravated even though you got rid of your problem of no sun. It is in this moment that you say, “I want to be on a warm, sunny beach”.

Aaahhh! Now that’s it. Now you’ve stated exactly what you want – you’re getting focused. So you get back in your car and sit for a minute. Then you say, “I want to lie on a warm, sunny beach in Florida”. Now you made a choice about how you want to spend your time and you can move toward your goal.

You start driving south, heading for Florida. You don’t have a map, so you don’t know exactly how you’re getting there, but you know you have to head south. When you get close you can always ask for directions to a good beach. Don’t worry about the details, just take action and tweak as you go – just start driving toward that Florida beach and adjust along the way.

This is the difference between a general wandering and a specific focus. When you wander it is difficult to gain much satisfaction. You may improve things a little here and there, but you never get a burst of satisfaction. When you choose a destination you can move toward it. Now every bit of movement feels good because you are closer to your goal. Everything you do reinforces the good feeling of getting what you want.

Think about how that feels for a minute. How does it feel when you just move away from something? Probably relief, after all, you’re moving away from a “problem” in your life and that usually feels good. Then what? Any strong emotions?

Now envision moving toward your goal – your destination. How does that feel? You still get the relief of moving away from the stress, but you add an excitement and a joy only found in going toward something you want.

So, what do you want? Specifically. Do you want a happy life? Are looking for a fulfilling life? A joyful life? What would make your life happier? What brings you joy or fulfillment? What is something positive you could add to your life or change in your life? Name it then go for it. Don’t worry about how to get there, just start moving in the right direction.

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Sandy Fowler is the Choice Expert. She takes you on a fun and simple journey that teaches you to make choices which help you create an extraordinary life. She is the creator of the 6 Steps to Happiness Success Kit, author of Calendar Magic: Shifting Time to Create Your Extraordinary Life, co-author of Heart Filled Holidays, co-author of One Way Out: The Promise of Network Marketing, a co-founder of ReclaimU.com and a choice expert who shares her thoughts, ideas and wisdom at ChooseMyLifeNow.com.