"Man is seeking for phenomena, he wants wonderworking, communication with ghosts or spirits, he is looking for something complex, and yet the simplest thing and the most valuable thing in life is to find one's true self." - Hazrat Inayat Khan

The Sufi musician Hazrat Inayat Khan said that the key to mastering happiness is to move through life in harmony and rhythm.

Tuning in to and accepting your own unique vibration (harmony) is the first step toward the achievement of lasting happiness. Practically, this means that you will come to understand the nature of world by abolishing ignorance - understanding the cause, the effect, the cause of the cause, and the effect of the effect. Through better understanding the nature of reality, we can maximize effectiveness and minimize our failures. Living in harmony with life is exactly what's described in Lao Tzu's, Tao Te Ching or in this course as Finding Your True Self.

Life has a rhythm. There's a pulsation to life, a throb of vibrations constantly being played by the Divine Essence. Each person is attuned to a different frequency of this rhythm.

In order to master rhythm in our lives, we must allow ourselves to let go. We have to give up strife, struggle, and conformity. We have to move to a symphony of our own creation. By tuning down the ever-present inner-racket reverberating in our minds, we can once again hear the symphony of the Divine vibration. By living in accord to the Divine Beat, we bring ourselves to our True Selves. Ironically, by killing our own ego, we begin to know the real joys of individuality.

"If someone tells me that a certain person is miserable or wretched or distressed, my answer will be that he is out of tune. Distress, disappointment or failure is caused by falling short of answering one's own duty in playing one's part in the symphony. Often people ask, 'Here is a good man – why must he suffer? Here is a very nice person, a religious person – why has he distress?' There are others who will answer with a thousand different reasons. They will say that in a former life the person perhaps has done something wrong and therefore has to pay his debts, or some people will say that goodness must always suffer. But coming to the practical side of the question the answer is simple: man-made goodness is not nature's goodness. Nature demands, life demands a certain standard of understanding, of thinking, of living, and this can be learned by learning the tune and the rhythm – not only learning it, but putting oneself to that tune and setting oneself to that particular rhythm which make the music of life. It is in this manner that happiness is attained – that happiness which is the seeking of every soul – and it is in this manner that one will progress continually until one touches the divine Spirit, the Spirit that pervades all and is everywhere." - Hazrat Inayat Khan

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