Even with close-up shots, it is impossible to see the boiling cauldron of intensity that exists at the bobsled start. The steely resolve etched on the athletes' faces and hidden behind their helmets foretells the tremendous power that only becomes apparent when they push the 650 pound sled with a little help from gravity and without the use of any mechanical motor, accelerating from zero to speeds in excess of 80 mph in less than 15 seconds. Only by using this smoldering fire of emotion welled up inside can they accomplish such a feat. Although the sled is heavy and the journey down the icy chute treacherous, the burning desire to perform at their very best easily provides the motivation they need to act in such a forceful and decisive way. The actions of the athletes on a bobsled run, or in any other sport for that matter, demonstrate that if you set out to achieve significant goals and you want it badly enough, you will eventually get it. If you have this same hot fire burning within, this same unrivaled motivational force, it will help you to overcome the negative inertia in your life, get past the obstacles and fears that impede you, and thrust you resolutely towards your goals.

Motivation is internal combustion

The study of human motivation is one of the most complex areas of social science. Motivation--'motive in action' --is, according to noted author of Think Like A Winner, Dr. Walter Staples, the "personification of a goal being strived for, the pursuit of something deemed desirable and worthwhile." Some seem to think that motivation is derived from the "carrot and stick" philosophy. In other words, people only act because of external forces which promise rewards or punishments for their actions. While the carrot and the stick provide motive for action, such methods prove to have only a temporary effect. REAL motivation comes from within. It flows naturally from having a dream. Human beings are naturally motivated by challenging goals and dreams.

Motivation is red hot desire

The intensity of the competition, the electric energy of the crowds and the love of country all serve as fuel for the athlete, propelling him/her in the pursuit of personal goals. High achievers are fiercely ambitious and this creates a burning desire--"burning fuel in the furnace of achievement"-- which compels them to achieve.

Here is one of my favorite stories from the life of Socrates: The great ancient Greek philosopher could often be found in the Athenian market place dispersing his seeds of wisdom. After one of his lessons, a young man approached him and asked how he could get wisdom. Socrates invited the young man over to a nearby lake where they waded into about four feet of water. Without warning Socrates grabbed the young man's head and plunged it under the water. At first he didn't resist, thinking that it was some kind of test. However, as Socrates continued to hold him under, he began to struggle and desperately tried to free himself. Although small in stature, Socrates was very strong and continued to hold the young fellow underwater while he panicked and struggled and gasped for air. Finally, Socrates released him and said "When you desire wisdom with the same intensity that you desired to breathe, then nothing can stop you from getting it." The same is true with your goals: If your desire is intense enough, nothing can stop you.

Motivation is the compelling reason

Motivation isn't just a feel-good sensation, but a driving force which compels you to act and provides the energy you need to do the work it takes to attain a goal. This driving force to achieve your goals is propelled by one word-WHY? Why are your goals important to you? Why do you want to achieve them? The reasons differ for everyone, but could range from economic incentives to a desire for recognition to self-development, to name just a few.

Noted German Philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm once wrote, "A man can bear any What if he has a big enough Why." When you have a big enough reason for achieving your goals, you develop an intensity of purpose that dwarfs the obstacles and challenges in your way. If your reasons WHY are big enough, they become uplifting and inspiring and drive you onward. If your reasons are big enough and your belief solid enough your success is virtually guaranteed.

Keep on Pushing!

Author's Bio: 

Devon Harris is a member of the original Jamaican Bobsled Team and three time Winter Olympian. He is currently a Motivational Speaker, Workshop Facilitator and Author of the children's book, Yes, I Can!

To hire Devon to speak at your next event or to purchase a copy of his book, visit his website at www.devonharrislive.com