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THE MIND has intrigued humankind for centuries. Not many have stood out like
Confucius, Socrates or Einstein. Putting our own self-doubts to the side momentarily, American Brain Management expert Shannon Panzo believes we are all capable of achieving such greatness.

If I were to tell you that you were born genius, but conventional schooling kicked it out of you, no doubt you would feel robbed and miffed by the schooling system, to say the least. What if I was to add that even now, no matter what your age or previous learning difficulties, you can learn any language under the sun in the time it takes to boil an egg, figuratively speaking... kick dyslexia into the back of beyond, and read information at 25,000+ words per minute, or at least 2 pages a second, and remember it?

Unbelievable, Incredible?

It borders on unbelievable and incredible, I know. But brain experts claim it's possible and within everyone's grasp – no matter how dumb you may think you are. Truth is stranger than fiction … and scientists tell us we use less than ten-percent of our brain's capacity. Call it intuition, but deep down you just know it to be true. Inside the recesses of the human brain is a world yet to be fathomed. Confucius, Socrates and Einstein have all tapped into the inner power that would put a massive bank of the most powerful computers to shame. But even they are unlikely to have reached their full potential according to new research.

A person's brain is his most prized possession, yet we take it for granted, just as we do when we turn on a tap and expect water to flow on demand, said Shannon Panzo, a renowned Brain Management and Brain Power expert. While some people have been exploring exotic lands, the Pyramids, the oceans and suchlike for lost and hidden treasures, Shannon has made his mission in life exploring a territory much closer to home … the human mind.

The Undiscovered Land!

He says: “The greatest ‘undiscovered land’ lies under a person's hat. All the answers to all our problems are within, yet most people look for solutions from the outside … without going within - they don't trust their own intuition. He has gained a wealth of experience and a much greater insight than most into the power of the human mind over the last double-decade. He teaches the skills of Brain Management at seminars in many parts of the world, and to the 007s of the secret service agencies internationally.

Panzo believes we are ALL born genius. “The skills I teach allow anyone to tap into their hidden treasure chest of knowledge”, he says. “Everyone is a walking-talking encyclopedia, but they don't how to access the information or how to store new information for later retrieval”, he adds convincingly. “Every child is born genius ... their brain is linked to the all-knowing universe. But through the ignorance of those around them, regimented schooling and community brain-washing, their genius becomes suppressed. It's still there … waiting to burst free. But most only see it as a coincidence … when it does break through.”

Intuition – The Saving Grace!

Intuition – everyone has it. Intuition speaks to us all the time but we don't lend it our ear as often as we should and follow its guidance. Panzo believes everyone is capable of attaining greater happiness and contentment in life by honing the skill of listening to their all-knowing inner voice.

Scientists know – there is NOTHING the sub-conscious mind doesn't commit to its powerful memory bank. It records everything with precision and accuracy; capturing information oblivious to the conscious mind nothing escapes it. Billions of pieces of information are recorded, stored and catalogued in a millisecond. Everything is stored fresh from the moment it entered through the senses, just waiting to be called upon ... ready to be used ... ready to enhance the quality of our lives.

“Ask most people for directions or ask them to tell you what they just read. The blank look of ‘I know I've seen it’ or ‘I know I read it’ appears on the faces of people before they admit they can't remember. Their subconscious knows the answer … and the details ... if people know how to tap into it,” Panzo exclaims.

Richard Welch – The Father of Mental Photography

Panzo began his quest to unlock secrets to the brain over 20 years ago under the personal tutorship of now retired Richard Welch, who's known as the “Father of Mental Photography”. Welch, a keen student of the mind, bought a fledgling speed-reading academy in 1975 but felt there was much more the brain had to offer. Richard came to understand that rote-memory with reading as its primary vehicle which we force-feed children in school, kills much of our vast whole-brain potential.

“Reading and rote-memory, functions of the conscious mind and short-term memory, are painfully slow and boring to the young enquiring child. Reducing our complex world to the written word creates tunnel vision. Suddenly, curiosity is squelched, learning disabilities crop up, and the child's innate mental abilities are shut down”, he says. “Our parents and teachers begin to become our worst enemies and impede our learning ... but they don't realize this ... very few parents, teachers, or adults do. Who can tell how many children could have grown up to be the insightful problem solvers that the world now needs … but had their abilities squashed by others.”

School Teaches us a Better Way to Learn – NOT SO!

“The National Education Association Statistics show that, across the board, people's learning curve rises almost exponentially from birth to the age of five, and then drops inexorably from that time onwards. Before school, the child takes in life with dynamic, whole-brain processing, naturally and easily retaining all they are exposed to in the long-term memory of the subconscious mind. But then we teach them an inferior method. As we’re the people whom they’re totally dependent upon and totally trust, they unwittingly go along with us, not knowing what damage we’re causing them or they’re causing to themselves”, he says.

But, There is Hope – Mental Photography is Here!

At the seminars Panzo teaches people from all walks of life – business professionals, secret service agents, students, educators, scientists, physicians, writers, actors, government personnel, mothers and reveals a sure path to unfettered learning and personal fulfillment … through the awesome power of the subconscious mind.

‘Mental Photography’ is at the very core of this revolutionary learning process.

“By learning how to assimilate information through subliminal learning, a person learns naturally and with a much higher efficiency than reading word for word. This could be as high as ten thousand percent. Mental Photography is at the finishing line when speed-reading is preparing to start the race and rote learning is a non-runner”, excitedly says Shannon. “It's easier to learn, more relaxed and completely stress free! It's how babies and tiny tots learn.”

Students at his seminars are given books they've never read before. They’re taught how to flip through it right way up and even upside down at 2 pages a second using Mental Photography. At no time are they allowed to read the book in the conventional way, but when questioned later about its contents, the answers are surprisingly accurate. “The information is transferred into a special part of the subconscious mind, where it remains for life”, Panzo says. “The ability to learn through subliminal learning is limitless and much faster than ever imagined. The brain has no limits other than those we place on it ourselves. Not only is it capable of absorbing information at lightning speed but with 100% accuracy and retention for life. Once you learn the skills, it's not uncommon to learn a new language in a week. Modern day ambassadors and diplomats use these skills when given overseas postings.”

We use Mental Photography Every Day – We Teach You How to Gain Control of it!

“Subconsciously, we are using this ability every day... flipping through magazine pages, recording the advertising messages without consciously being aware or driving down the road as we’re mentally photographing billboards. Once the skills are learned, a whole new world becomes available. We can literally reprogram out all the negative impact from all sources subliminal or otherwise and replace the self-limiting, self-doubt, and worry with more positive, self-empowering thoughts,” He expounds.

“We become reborn, happier and more confident within ourselves, but this time we remain connected to the universe, and tap into our own brain power - beyond our wildest imaginings”, says Panzo.

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