In Celtic spirituality you are invited on a journey into love. The one who invites you on your journey is mo anamcara, which is the Irish for ‘my soul friend.’ The great matron saint of Ireland, St. Brigid, said that anyone without a mo anamcara was like a body without a head.

Here are some indications that you are meeting with, becoming involved with or married to your soul friend.

1. They speak the language of the heart.

Your soul friend is always an invitation to the highest good that is within you. They invite your wildest creative imagination to be in free flow. This is an invitation to deeply trust who you are.

2. They invite you to fall in love.

Your mo anamcara might become the one you marry. Or might not be the one you marry. They most certainly invite you to the real marriage, which is the marriage of the feminine and masculine within you. They invite union with all those disowned aspects of yourself that you have judged and turned away from the wedding feast that is your creative life’s flow.

3. They are in love with who they are.

Your mo anamcara loves the way that life expresses through them. They express their purpose. They allow the force of love that created them to use them for its own purposes. They feel a profound sense of abundance and give themselves away as love in action.

4. They invite you into going beyond the ‘do do’ in life.

The mo anamcara does not measure you or judge you by what you have or do not have. They know that the truth of the universe is that we are all one. They ‘do’ life as love in action, which comes through the flow of their essential self. They work but they do not ‘make a living’ other than to express the joy of creation. They let the beauty that they are become what they do.

5. They radiate presence.

Your mo anamcara is present to the moment. They do not think in the same way as you do. They live from presence and this is more than enough. They listen to the wisdom voice within that is unique to them. They are their own authority. Their will is their willingness to serve Love.

6. They may be hard to live with.

A mo anamcara invites the radiance of your soul to shine. They are not there to deepen your connection to your ego. They are, in fact, sane. They do what a sane person does. They live for the highest good of all. They will invite you to come into the light when you want to hide in the cave of your limited persona. This may feel difficult sometimes, even impossible to be with at such close quarters.

You are invited to become your own deepest heart friend. When you begin to connect with your soul then you have something that cannot be taken away from you. You begin to relax into the radiance of who you truly are. You are free and sane. You have become a friend to your soul. You and your mo anamcara.

Learn more about the language of the heart, how to get out of the ‘do do’ and into the beautiful radiance of the presence you already are. This is an invitation from a soul friend.

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