Here's something to contemplate - like I haven't given you enough to think about!

How do you move through your life? Do you do each activity that arises just to get done, without really thinking about it. You have things you want to do, but do you become really present in the process?

I have really been practicing mindfulness in most of my activities. Some, yes I just move through the activity, but I'm working on that. I have found that if I stay present in the moment and focus on the activity, I get so much more satisfaction from the process.

When you start the process, like with any behavior change, be patient and honor your grace. Your mind may race on through the activity and onto the other 7 things on your "to do" list. This is the time to bring yourself back and focus on the present task. For example, I like to run, I always have. I have noticed more aches and pains over the years, so I have modified my workouts. I run a little and walk a lot more. With each step I take, I don't just plod along I really focus on my body, my breathing and my muscles moving. I tighten my abs, I make sure I don't hyper-extend my knees, I tighten my glutes, I listen to my body and what it is telling me. It's within this time that I also notice nature, hear the birds and experience things that
could have just passed me by if, I wasn't staying in the moment.

Last July, I was doing my mindful exercising and was given a wonderful gift. As I was finishing my run/walk I noticed a deer on the side of the road. She looked at me, but instead of running in the other direction she simply crossed the street in front of me with her fawn - still covered with spots. I thanked her for showing me her beautiful baby and continued on my way. If I had just been moving through this exercise, thinking about what I needed to do next, I would have missed this gift from nature.

When you start living mindfully, notice how you feel at each moment. Notice what your body is doing, notice what is happen around you right at that time. What activities are you mindful in and what activities do you still zip through? What are the gifts you receive from being mindful?

Author's Bio: 

For the past 20 years, Christine has been working with people in transformation. Having spent years as a corporate sales executive, Christine moved into personal development consulting, in 1989, after discovering people were looking for more clarity in their personal and business lives. This lead to deeper self discovery.

Christine transformed traditional business and sales training techniques into a method incorporating visualization, meditation and spiritual practices, creating programs that help people discover more depth in their lives. “After reading Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends and Influence People, in 7th grade, I realized that I wanted to help people feel good about themselves and what they did in their lives.”

Since becoming a Personal Development Life Coach, in 2006, Christine has been working and supporting individuals and groups in rediscovering their incredible potential for success. Through an interactive and exciting process, Christine helps people to identify dilemmas and impasses and to create achievement plans that transform old ways of thinking into new ways of realizing goals.

Having experienced a tragic personal loss in 1995, Christine also coaches people through grief and loss, helping to better cope with and understand life changes during the times ahead.

Christine is the creator of Life-Scape™ - Creating the Life of Your Dreamsand the Wisdom Group™. She is a Graduate of CoachU and a member of the International Coach Federation. Christine is also a Usui and Japanese Reiki Master/Teacher and Certified Aromatherapist.