One of the main reasons that may hinder us from reaching ourinnermost goals and desires is our inability to be flexible.

This fact may be hard to swallow, but it's true. We doeverything we can to eliminate any type of suffering in ourlives, yet challenges and pressures can bring out the bestin us.

If you have been burdened by mistakes in the past, learn fromthem, forget about them, and move on. Some people tend tofocus on how bad their lives have been due to these mistakes. As a result, they remained stuck in their miserable lives.

Treat your mistakes as lessons, and apply them as learningreferences in your future endeavors.

So what if you invested in a business and you lose a ton ofmoney? In this situation, some people would remain deeplydiscouraged for a long time that their personal lives arebeing affected negatively. They can't eat well and theyjust stare at the ceiling all night long, thinking how thisbad incident happened. Furthermore, they would probably vownot to venture into new opportunities again.

You don't have to be like them. If you're afraid to fail,then you risk all your chances to achieve your goals in life.Try again; but this time, be more careful and use your pastmistakes as guide maps.

Look at it this way. If you try, at least you get a 50%chance of getting what you want. But if you did not tryat all, you have absolutely no chance of attaining yourdesires in life. It's a no-brainer.

But when you try, make sure you follow through. I've metso many people who have accepted my proposal to writereports for me, but most of them would stop right in themiddle of their work and quit. They have the drive tostart, but they lack the motivation to go through all thedifficulties. Yes, this is another fact of life. Thosewho persist may have some hell of a time at present, butthey shall have the last laugh.

Let's fast forward into the future. Let's say you did try, you followed through, and you succeeded. Congratulations.So you became wealthy by reaping the fruits of your labor.This does not mean you'll stay in that situation for good.Problems may rise again, so always be ready to adjust tothe current situation. The only thing permanent in thisworld is change.

If you need to sacrifice something for a better cause,then do it. If you have to miss your favorite show onTV or if you have to deny your friends' invitation to goout on a Saturday night so that you can devote more timeto those activities that will lead you closer to yourgoals, so be it.

You may encounter difficulties. You may receive criticisms.You may even be regarded as being "different" or "strange"by other people. Don't let them discourage you. Justkeep on striving, and success will be yours for the taking.

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