Eager to rest after a grueling day in the office, I took a cab on my way home. Little did I know that I would learn an important lesson in life from my cab driver.

As I entered the taxicab, I noted the sunny disposition of my cab driver, the clean seats and the stack of magazines arranged neatly on one side. According to my cab driver, he keeps the stack available for his customers to keep them busy during rush hour. The rush hour traffic allowed us the chance to talk.

Talk is what we did! With my prodding, he talked about himself, his dreams and goals. He intends to own five taxicabs in eight years and he has specific plans and timelines on how to achieve this.

At that moment, I felt I am in the presence of a unique individual whose passion I share. I regard him as a superhero in his own right. Both of us have set our sights to achieve abundance beyond our wildest dreams! This is our passion.

The term "abundance" continues to spark the interest of a lot of people. How do I know? Just type the word "abundance" in your favorite search engine and you'll see the millions of sites developed specifically for just this word. The last time I checked there are 29,700,000 sites with the word abundance.

Many people aspire and wish for abundance. A number of books have been written on how to attract abundance. In feng shui, lucky charms are placed in strategic places to entice prosperity in people's lives. This obsession with abundance created a whole new industry.

However, wishing alone will not lead you to prosperity. Read it again. WISHING ALONE WILL NOT LEAD YOU TO PROSPERITY. If you keep on wishing, see you in a hundred years! A lot of people keep on dreaming and wishing and then just stop. Many are taking this route simply because it is easy and requires minimal use of brain cells.

So what do we need to do to increase and triple our chance to attract abundance and prosperity in our lives?

Now comes the fun part of the lesson I learned from the taxi cab driver. In fact, he introduced me to his system to boost my chance of attracting abundance three times! Allow me to share with you his system.

The taxi cab driver's method is anchored on the Trio of Abundance. He states that wishing and dreaming must be followed by the TRIO OF ABUNDANCE: Think Positively, Act Positively and Speak Positively.

The cab driver shared some of his tips on how to make this trio of abundance a part of your life. Contrary to some marketing hocus-pocus, his system will not cost you a single cent. It is just plain human goodness and common sense.

Thinking positively means adopting the following mindsets:

I am an optimist
I keep an open-mind
I am grateful
I believe it can be done if I set my heart into it
I view adversities as opportunities for improvement

Speak positively means doing these things:

I always say "Thank you"
I praise someone within 24 hours
I share comforting words with friends in trouble
I acknowledge a good behavior whenever I see one

Act positively requires these actions to be undertaken:

I always smile at the people I meet
I always hug the people I love
I address people by their names
I make people laugh

There you have it: The no-cost and complete system for increasing your chance to attract abundance three folds.

Feel free to add more in the list as you discover other innovative ways and mindsets to incorporate in your life. In the meantime, get ready for abundance beyond your wildest dreams!

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Michael Lee is the author of How to be a Red Hot Persuasion Wizard... in 20 days or less, an ebook that reveals mind-altering persuasion techniques on how to tremendously enhance your relationships, create unlimited wealth, and get anything you want...just like magic. Get a sample chapter and highly-stimulating "Get What You Want" advice at: http://www.20daypersuasion.com. He is the Co-Founder of http://www.self-improvement-millionaires.com and is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant.