This Blog is to commend a guy who, having listened to our free stuff, realised why his 15 year marriage was simply not working and why she wanted to quit! You know when you have an 'AHA' moment, one of those moments when the penny drops, well this was a massive one for this guy and one many many men could benifit from having themselves. You see, so many men are disconnected from their woman right down to the point where sex is rare to not happening at all, which believe it or not is NOT good for anyone, despite what some may think.

My commendation for this guy in particular, is that once he realised he was meant to be the leader in his failing relationship he what I call STEPPED UP TO THE PLATE and he has started the process of turning it around by asking for help and so far so good, both he and his woman are feeling better already... how cool is that?

So if you are a guy with marital challenges, feel free to ask me for help, I do have the answers that will get you fantastic results fast..

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Tony Vee

PS. There is no time like NOW! so as the saying goes - Just Do It!

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