We live in an interesting time. In this age of technology, we text message instead of talking. We e-mail instead of handwriting letters. We chat online instead of meeting in person. Technology was supposed to make everything better. It was supposed to help get more stuff done faster so we could focus on the ‘important’ things in life – like taking caring of ourselves and each other, spending time with loved ones, traveling, exploring and enjoying the planet. Ultimately, technology was supposed to help us have more balance and happiness in our lives.

So…is it working? Is everyone you know balanced and happy? Is ANYONE you know balanced and happy?! Are you balanced and happy?

You may know a few people (hopefully yourself) who truly live a balanced, happy life but I’d be willing to bet you can’t name a half dozen people who “have it all together.” Based on the fact that over 100,000,000 prescriptions are filled annually for anti-depressants in the US alone, it is fair to say something is way out of whack. (Consider that there are a total of 304,044,517 people living in the US as I type these words – I Googled it. See technology is good for something).

While there are no doubt many benefits of technology, it is certainly not the answer people are looking for to find more happiness in their lives. What’s also interesting is that while we are knee deep in the information age, we are also entering a time of spiritual revolution. The consciousness of the planet is awakening at a record pace. More people are ‘getting their feet wet’ in the pool of higher consciousness than ever in the history of recorded time. Fortunately, technology is helping this cause – information is transmitted at lightning speed and those who are ready can access the information at the click of a mouse. There is an unlimited amount of tools and techniques out there for the spiritual seeker.

But what is the most important tool? What can we do to find what we are looking for? Medication is surely not the solution to finding happiness. We medicate ourselves to numb ourselves from our realities while the drug companies get rich.

In my opinion, the best tool is meditation. While there are many aspects of the spiritual path, nothing is more powerful than meditation. Meditation is your direct connection to source energy. It is the simplest way to connect with the energy that created and sustains your very existence.

The benefits of meditation are vast. The ultimate benefit is the experience of utter bliss and enlightenment. When done “properly,” your individual consciousness will merge into the collective consciousness and you will experience the oneness of all that is. While few who meditate actually experience this liberation, it is a wonderful possibility for those who are ready for it.

There are also many health benefits of meditation including:

- Meditation strengthens the mind. There is a direct link between focused concentration and performance.
- It lowers oxygen consumption, decreases respiratory rate, increases blood flow and slows down the heart rate.
- Meditation leads to greater levels of relaxation and lowers blood pressure.
- Meditation reduces muscle tension and headaches.
- It also increases serotonin production which greatly impacts moods, emotion and behavior. Low serotonin levels are associated with depression, diabetes and insomnia.
- Additional health benefits of meditation include immune system enhancement, reduction of pre-menstrual symptoms and it helps with chronic diseases such as arthritis and allergies.

The bottom line is that consistent meditation leads to a healthier mind and body. We all have a soul that is pure and enlightened. Meditation is the ultimate tool to help purify the mind and the body to allow the light and love of your soul to shine through.

So while technology and medication don’t provide the answer to finding happiness and bliss, meditation clearly is a solution for increased health, energy, connection, peace and love in your life.

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