Have you ever wondered what use you were ever going to make of learning how to solve mathematical equations? I think we all have to admit that most of us don’t tend to use that knowledge on a daily basis… mmmm…

What if we did? What if we used it in a very natural and practical way that doesn’t actually involve a pencil and an eraser and little numbers on a piece of paper?
I remember learning the basic rule that would solve all the equations: + and + equals +, + and – equals – and, – and – equals +. You remember? We could equate this to three categories of people found in life.

The + + category first: These are the positive people, the ones who are always happy and successful. Things always seem to go great for them. Of course, life is life and they encounter their share of difficulties, obstacles, heart aches and struggles. But they keep smiling through it all and look forward to a better day, which they always get to. They are not exceptional people; they are not more talented than any of us. Life smiles at them because they smile at it. Always. Their perception of every situation is the key to their success. They accept that things are what they are and that focusing on the solution is the answer.

The + – category: I am going to have to say that these are the majority of people in our society. They lead the same average life as the people in the previous category, where there is always a lot of positive and some negative. Isn’t life usually like that? The difference, though, is that this category of people just look at the glass half empty. They take things for granted, they are never satisfied with what they have, they show no gratitude or contentment for their “deal” and the opportunities offered to them. In fact they often miss them being too hesitant and negative, regret it eventually and blow things out of proportions saying that these things keep happening to them. They fall into any media trap telling them that there is too much crime or not enough money in the world. You find these people in our countries, the Western, more “developed” world.

Finally, the – – category: These are the people who take NOTHING for granted. I am talking about the Helen Keller’s of this world, the Lance Armstrong type. The people who face real adversity, the people who start with nothing and get to the top. These people will eventually meet the + + category and merge with them. Some of the + + people will also sometimes fall into this category but will rise above.

Why is it that it will sometimes take a life threatening event to shake people? Why is it that so many people stay contented in the + – world? Why do people wait to be fifty pounds overweight to start dieting? How come people wait to hit rock bottom to kick back up to the surface?

Look, it is mathematical. The universe follows very clear, simple, mathematical laws. A + – person will always create negativity. It’s just how it is. It’s basic math! Such a person will remain a victim, someone who always blames other people or circumstances for their failures, someone who gets entangled in a bunch of lies to try and get out of some mess they put themselves in… These people never take responsibility for their actions and never move forward. They always want “things” to change for them and they don’t see that they are the ones who need to change.

Life is as simple as a mathematical equation. We all learned it at school, before we hit puberty. But no one ever explained it to us. This is how life works. If you want to solve your life’s equation, get into the + + category. No one will help you to start with. People and circumstances will only come to your rescue once you have started to accept life as it is and be thankful for it. Then you’ll be on the right track. From there, everything will get into place to take you where you want to be.

All this applies to every level in life. Teach it to your kids; use it for yourself, in your relationships, your business and your health. Never, ever, ever give up. Stick to your dreams and make them a reality. Cry when you need to and remember that next time, you’ll be crying for joy. Your success is here, it is in your hands. If you get out of the + – category.

You have to believe it. It’s proven, mathematically.

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