Dear Friends,
I hope there is no surprise because i,m starting writing this Article in a form of Abstract on a Literature work.As you can see it is not only review of Author's Masterpiece then my Personal Improvement Story weaved in.
Maybe my contribution to Self Improvement expert site will be a little different then usual, because i tell my life stories filled by my Experience during my struggle with not getting old,i simly couldn't stand it and i won.Maybe i never have known the whole Truth of Who or What plaid role in my Body and Spirit Transformation .Jesus Christ,my body particles,positive and negative energy,Devil,or ......You better read my Abstracts to find out hidden words

*She had a nice and neat hairstyle, wearied the gold shoes with no heels and in every way she was Young,Beautiful,her laugh sounded resonant and exciting, and deep Margarita’s voice with falls would be recognized by everybody.Young?Was i wrong when i said that? She was..... delicacy don,t allow me to say how old she was in that time. There was no lines of old age which was rejuvenated. She had own relationships with age,which/age/,she won and that not only in her imagination .I,ll never forget as she said in a charme way about a man, fifteen years younger then she:I am sick of this boring Old man!
This quotatiion was about Jelena Sergejevna ,wife of Mikhaill Bulgakov,and Margarita from his Masterpiece :The Master and Margarita. Description of Jelena was given by Vladimir Laksin by his Memory. /Laksin was a Friend of Bulgakov/
Laksin:Even Jelena Sergejevna,known by the whole world like Margarita,close by Bulgakov , was gradually transformed in a Creature,i am afraid to say,fuj,...well,to tell that,in partial occult species.Its easy possible she was not born like a Witch, and who know, maybe she had a little tail from born.But,she re-educated herself in a Wizard and for that there is Authoritative Literary Evidence./

I thought,You would like to read this great Description of Jelena,even if you have read earlier ,it is so beautiful that you only wish to read again and again.I am sure every Girl/Women has a Secret Desire of being Margarita.She is Magic,Beautiful, Wonderful,she is an Inspiration for her Lover,and she won Old age.Secret Grail was in her hands,magic Cream or something more,maybe Pact with Devil,all the same,She got the gem-Eternal Youth.You,who now read these words,you are so Passionate,Burn from desire to be Margarita.
By accident or not,my meeting with Master and Margarita has happened in the same time,when occurred my Battle against my age.I could not imagine to grow old,it was terrible thought for me.I had to struggle,and I Won!I must admit i was practicing Meditation and my Thinking was very strenuous,sometimes to the limit of Madness.Don,t think i make a Drama,i am really Honest in a try to get to the Truth and to help you to Win the Old.Did i have a Strong Will?Yes, it was present all the time.Secret Cream?No,there was no magic crema or drink.I,ll tell you i even had one or two wrinkles,but they were gone.I have no any wrinkle.I think important role belongs to my Spirit-i carry an Eternal Child in myself.
Finally to return to Role of DEVIL.I,m afraid Devil played and probably play own game yet!I felt the Present of Devil ,i,m speaking of events in 1991 /1986-1996/.Now,in the present times i don,t feel so strange,but i think Devil is still here./maybe hidden/ In what way to solve this Puzzle?Can these Facts be gathered,or i should separate one witch appears as more important then other.I don,t know.What about childhood?From Childhood begins our whole Life,our Past,Feature,Destiny,everything come from a Bud which makes bloom. What has been missed in my Margarita Story?LOVE!There was a big Love,unfortunately Was gone with Wind!It was an Unrealized Love swallowed by Darkness,just like Bulgakov,s Heroes who don,t deserve Light!/about it some other time/ Did i find myself in Margarita?Very much!
Jelena Sergejevna:*When we started to live together/Jelena and Bulgakov/he said me one:The whole World was against me-and i was Alone.Now we are Both,and i am afraid of nothing!*
ps;I miss a Master,i hope to met him,unless i pay my Due to Devil. Thank You

ps:i would like so much to get some help by you in understanding is there any supernatural power involved in all occurences.

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I am present online for a while and spend a lot of times here enjoying in reading and learning wonderful things and meeting new people all around the world.
I am happy i can share something personal in my life which may be useful to others to recognize their own strengths and powers.
There are my experience and thinking in Abstracts written by me.