Utilizing the resources available in today’s job market can be overwhelming, to say the least. Want to create a resume? There are over 100,000 web pages designed “specifically” for you. Same with interviewing, dressing for success, asking for raises, and just about anything else you can think of. And all of the sites have “give away” information, services you can purchase, products for sale… you can spend your entire life just learning about what is available, and how people think you should manage your career. Unfortunately, educating yourself is just the FIRST STEP.

You will never know all there is to know – about any subject. The important thing is to get sufficient information to make an educated decision. You don’t have to be an expert on interviewing to have a successful interview. Likewise, your resume doesn’t have to be a showpiece. With the onset of the internet, resumes have become nearly obsolete as a way of introducing yourself to prospective employers. In today’s market, an employer can find literally hundreds of resumes on line that say exactly what they want. We say that resumes today are good for only two things: to disqualify for a position, and for the hiring authority to take notes on during the interview. While a resume is still a necessary tool in the job-seeking process, it should not be a major focus of your time and attention.

So what should you be focused on? We recommend that you do what we call the “Love to Do Exercise” which is a part of our PowerPlan System. In this exercise you list what you love to do, and identify who benefits from you doing that. Then we set up a structure of conversations with those people – asking them what resources they are looking for to reach the next level of success. Then we look to see how you can provide those resources.

More, more, more…
The job search game is a game of numbers – it used to be that for a hundred resumes you’d get 10 responses and 1 or 2 interviews. Now it’s no longer the number of resumes you send out, but the number of actual conversations you have with real people – hiring authorities – about what they’re looking for and what you can provide. We recommend a minimum of five conversations every day; and identify five new people you want to talk to. And be sure to keep the names and numbers in a way that is easy to find them again – this is going to become your database of people who benefit from the services you provide!

Managing Your Conversations
It is important that you manage the conversations that you have, from initial contact through the results and follow up. We use a spreadsheet solution, amazingly enough called the Conversation Manager, which tracks the name of the individual, company name, their position with the company, their contact information, the notes of the conversation itself, the results produced out of the conversation, the next action to be taken, and the date you want to take that action.

Overall, looking for a job today can be challenging, but the challenge can be FUN! Enjoy meeting new people, increasing your Rolodex, and increasing the circle of people who know who you are, and what you are up to. The larger your circle, the more opportunities will come your way.

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R. Means Davis, V, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, is founder and CEO of Empowered Enterprises International, a global career coaching and organizational strategic development company. A graduate of the top rated business school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, his career has grown from risk management and insurance, human resource management including recruiting, placement, and consulting, to the founding of Empowered Enterprises International in 1993.

His expertise includes the design and development of individual career paths, organizational strategic planning, and the design and delivery of customized training & developmental seminars. He inspires and motivates people to produce unprecedented results. His life mission is represented in the company purpose: Reach Your Goals; Realize Your Dreams!

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