When was the last time you had a disagreement with your significant other? Let's for a moment forget who's fault it was. Let's stop the adrenaline before it starts pumping. Now, how long did the tension remain? Did the scene ruin an hour? a day? a week?

When you want to make up with, so often it's buy a piece of jewellery...or flowers. This doesn't work at all. I've found a clear cut great solution for making up and I hope you'll be able to use it as well.

First of all, if you are getting nowhere in the midst of a disagreement, it's best to remove yourself for a little while so things can cool off. If you want to make the steps of making up, do some of the chores your partner usually does that need to be done then go pour them a hot bath.

Next, confront your partner and apologize by first telling them in your own words what was bothering them and then by saying you are sorry specifically for that. Finally, tell them you poured the bath for them and that you know it's been stressful you expect nothing from them. Let them go relax, don't try to get lucky afterwards and you may find the problem washes down the drain with the bath water!

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Bill White has survived cancer and bankruptcy. Having a life full of synchronistic experiences and divine intervention/visions he has gone from a humble beginning to a successful life. The Biggest Deal, Inc is his love child company devoted to educating you on life balance and bringing the power of synchronicity to your life.
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