Just read an inspirational story in our local paper about a young man in high school with a very bright future thanks to his focus on three letters, M.I.H.

This kid has a passion for excellence in everything he does, particularly his sport of choice, wrestling. Last year he had what most considered an amazing wrestling season and ended up hoisting the second place trophy at the state championships. While friends and family cheered, he planned.

The day after the state finals, he was back in the same old gym working out in the same old sweats with one small change. He had placed white tape on each of his three middle fingers, and on each piece of tape was a letter. M.I.H. His friends, family, and teammates all repeatedly asked about the letters, but he refused divulge their meaning.

He kept the letters on his fingers all year, and he trained harder than ever, until he again found himself at the state tournament. This time the outcome was slightly different and not a surprise to anyone who had witnessed his daily determination in the gym; he was crowned state champion.

Finally, he was able to share with everyone that while they cheered his second place finish the year before, he vowed to himself to get better – to be the best. Displaying vision beyond his years, he developed his clear goal, designed a plan to achieve it, and created a tool to provide focus. He knew that if he really wanted to be the best, it was up to him. He was determined to Make It Happen. M. I.H.

Focus on your future.
Challenge yourself.
Make It Happen!

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