Whatever you stay focused on long enough you create in your life through experiences. It is so important to keep the mind focusing on positives, mastering gratitude and the emotions focusing on high self-belief, to continue to create abundance in your life. By putting all your focus on your fears and allowing them to control your life, you will create lack and non-positive experiences.

This doesn’t mean you ignore, resist or act as if the fears don’t exist. Rather you don’t allow them to control your life. You release your fears by processing them and changing the beliefs to more positive loving ones.

Affirmations are one of tool to help you in shifting your fears to more positive loving ones. Affirmations are positive words used to shift our belief system in areas where we lack confidence and self-worth. These positive words are put in the present tense and said numerous times to oneself daily. Using positive words is like being an actor or actress, where you are playing a different role in life. You are convincing yourself that you are better than you think you are. Your vocabulary shifts your attitude, which shifts your focus, which shifts your belief. This new vocabulary changes your thinking habits thereby changing your perceptions in life. With this new perception, you create new behaviors and a different reality.

Another tool is to literally let go of the mind control where you surrender all your attention from your fear driven thinking to GOD and things you appreciate. Doing this helps to let go of the hold on the non-positive thought patterns and allows you to shift your focus that of which is more productive and positive.
Visualization is a tool you can use to help you release a non-positive pattern and replace it with a more positive approach. Visualization reprograms the mind to create positive thinking and to experience what that would feel like using imagery, thereby feeling self-motivated. With imagery you are pulling out the weeds that hinder you from getting what you want in life and replacing it with a ‘garden’ full of what you choose to experience. Again, whatever you stay focused on long enough, you create in your life through experiences.

When you strive toward resolving your obstacles and fears, you end up taking better care of yourself and thereby enjoy life more. Your attitude says, "Life is too short and I would rather enjoy life than worry about it." By taking responsibility for your life and the obstacles you face, the decisions you make are more productive. Your life is run by what brings you happiness and well being because you know you deserve it. You assert your feelings and thoughts with conviction and compassion on situations and people who affect your happiness and well-being. Your life focus is on balancing your life in all areas.

You are enhancing a positive attitude, by trusting your intuition and allow it to be your guide rather than allowing other outside sources to be your guide or tell you what is best for you. You are able to stay focused and present in the moment, aware of your surroundings, embracing and experiencing them to the fullest, rather than future tripping, worrying, and playing victim to your circumstances. Rather than looking at the ½ empty glass or the ½ full glass, you look at life as the whole-full glass.

Your mind is conscious and clear of any thoughts of the past; whether they are from unhappy experiences leaving concerns and unhappy feelings or happy experiences leaving more pleasant feelings. The mind is also present and free of any future plans, predictions or figuring out outcomes of the future. There is an acceptance of reality for what is going on in your daily life. Things you are able to change, you do, with more motivation and desire. The things you are unable to change, you surrender to the non-controlling or non-resistance and flow with the life experience.

Your relationships with others are also healthier. You have a better understanding of the people you are interacting with in the way they think and feel, thereby having better relationships on any level of involvement. You have more compassion for people's flaws and insecurities and come from an understanding of what is going on, without personalizing or judging. You are able to forgive them for their mistakes and incompetence’s because you will have a greater understanding of their behaviors. You thereby are able to use discernment when selecting people to associate with based on the level of joy you want to experience and the ability to be the whole person you are.

When we can truly come from a place of being fully conscious in the moment and take the time to understand each other, we will lead a more peaceful world. Judgement and wars comes from bias thoughts, preconceived notions and lack of understanding. Divine love is portrayed as one who chooses to stay present, fully conscious, using active listening, choosing to care and to fully understand others. In all the religions, countries and each other learning to come from a place of genuine interest and acceptance for our differences is coming from a place of divinity in love.

A more peaceful world will begin when we truly can forgive our past and understand the lessons behind these experiences, when we finally take the time to choose to care and make the world a better place. It starts with each of us and really begins with all of us. Do we have to go through war-struggle before we choose peace? Please take the time to make peace happen rather than just live life, enjoy life and make a difference.

Living the Life You Always Dreamed By Angelica Rose
Based on her book LIVING LIFE AS YOU ALWAYS DREAMED (both book and Ebook format)

©2002 Angelica Rose, all rights reserved, angelica1rose@yahoo.com

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Angelica Rose, a national gifted training specialist and spiritual teacher since 1984 specializing in relaxation through centering within and movement, higher conscious living, heart centered communication/listening skills, relationship selling and creative marketing. Ordained as a spiritual teacher and committed to her spirituality, Angelica's angelic spiritual gifts as a Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and her high regard for love provides insights to enlighten and inspire.

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