"I am an adult. I must be emotionally mature."


We are like children until we clear our emotional baggage, connect with our Inner children and heal all the hurts of that child.

Many adults because of trauma in childhood have stunted emotional bodies. They may be mentally very bright, but act out from the point of view of a child. Some people have an emotional age of 6, 7, 8,9,10. 11 etc.

Many lightworkers are forever seeking higher vibrations to be attuned to. They believe that if they raise their vibrations in this way the better they will be and reach enlightenment quicker. In fact they can seriously hinder themselves from their objective. So we can have spiritually bright people whose emotional bodies are under developed and are then a danger to themselves. Spiritual growth is about extricating yourself from external influences ,parental training, religion, peer pressure, academic and societal philosophies, belief systems and behaviour patterns as well as your emotional baggage. Then you can go within so messages from the soul can reach consciousness.

To develop along the Ascension path you have to stage by stage grow, mature in unison your emotional , mental and spiritual bodies in harmony together.

This means every time you have a rise in vibration you have to do the emotional clearing, belief and behaviour pattern cleansing that goes with it to maintain the strength and integrity of your Aura. To ignore this brings on illness and unfortunately fourth dimensional beings are attracted to the feast of light that you are.

Another spoke in the wheel are those people who have pieces of their souls missing, either chronologically [inner child, young child, teenager early adult etc.] or a fragment of subtle bodies, and or personality, identity or self image. Loss of emotional body or any other missing fragments of your soul is an absolute hindrance to emotional maturity and needs to be addressed for those on the Ascension path.

By all means seek the bright light of the higher vibrations but make sure you do the work on your self diligently, deep healing and cleansing every step of the way. This will speed your development and you will grow in awareness, soul confidence and feel very strong within your self. Your interaction with your Higher self will become effortless and you will gain many rewards.

Author's Bio: 

Robina Hearle is a co founder of The Enlightenment Process. Visit her online at www.rosecottagefloweressences.co.uk