Life is perfect is a way of living for me. If I understand
that I have the ability to create my life by the actions I
take, then I understand that both the life I live today
and the life I will live tomorrow is perfect in that sense

Except when it is not.

Last week we had the flu bug. (Actually, the little sucker
is still hanging around!) Our five year old was having
such a hard time getting a breath that it hurt just to
watch him. I have been able to lay in bed and on the
couch for a couple or three days. Did the actions I take
create this in my life?

When you are not feeling your best, and things seem to
get out of control (as they sometimes do), then one begins
to question the strength of their beliefs.

Am I on the correct path? There are so many from which to
choose! Will I really be able to reach my current goals?
Why does it sometimes seem so difficult? Do I really need
to write another article? Who is even reading them?

This is the place where I used to buckle up and get to
work. I would remind myself that thoughts like these are
my fears surfacing, and I must squash them before they
can do me harm. Now, however, I think a little differently.

I am not afraid of my fears, and I do not treat them badly.
I accept them, let them surface and look at them very

Is there anything here I need to consider that I might be
avoiding, or hiding from? Am I doing what I want to be
doing according to my defined values and my definitions
of success?

I can also go back and review where I have come from,
and where I appear to be heading. Am I pleased with the
results? Am I excited about the future? Am I excited about

So, with all of that said - what about today?

I am going to take a bit of time, stand back and review. I
will look back on what had been accomplished, congratulate
myself, and be grateful for the help I have had. I will
look ahead and reevaluate my plans, and ensure that they
are still right for me. I will take a deep breath and
commit to the principles of values and my definitions of
success to be absolutely sure I am doing everything in my
power so I have a... you guessed it... perfect life!

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life
you have imagined. Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)

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