Life is always about choices. You are here now because you made the choice to be here. And now that you actually are reading this, it is again because you choose to do so.

You may not have realized this. But in your life, you have already been through thousands and thousands of choices. Think about it. What time you wake up each morning, what to have for breakfast, what clothes to wear for work, what time to leave home, which email to read first, where to go for lunch and etc, they are all choices aren’t they?

Not of any great significance they may seem though but it is all these choices in life that add up to make you who you are today.

You see. Life is an ever-going cycle. There is not a moment when time would ever stop and each day will just passes by, following by another new day and this will go on and on. Perhaps it has become such a routine for you that having to make all these daily decision become just a habit to you; something that you need not has to worry about; each day passes by just smoothly.

But then again, there were times when days don’t seem that smooth? Days when you feel unhappy and maybe even stressed? Or perhaps at this very moment, you are just feeling so, going through stress and unhappiness?

Why would this be so? Why are you actually feeling so now? Because you meet some problem, at a loss for what you should do?

No doubts, this is precisely what is happening. You are now faced with a new problem that is out of your daily habits. You are forced to make a choice over something not familiar to you but which you know would to a certain extent affect your life. Hence, you have to seriously take time to think through before you would make a decision.

And understand this. Even though you are stuck here right now not knowing what to do, time is still moving. Life is an ever-going cycle, remember? In a way, the natural rhythm of life is disrupted.

You see. Those days pass by smoothly because you very clearly know what to do. You know very clearly what choices to be making and which those choices made, naturally lead to a nice rhythm in life. But when you are at loss, this rhythm of life is disrupted; your life just goes out of order and which lead to all your unhappiness and stress.

To get out of your misery, you just simply have to make a choice. You have to make that choice to move on, to get back into the rhythm of life

Understand this. In life, you can never win all the times. Sometimes we made the right choices and sometimes the wrong. Just who has never done any wrong in his or her life? Let’s face it. I am sure you that you must have previously made some wrong decision in your life too? And what happened? You accepted it and move on, didn’t you?

You see. Be it the right or the wrong choices, once you made the choice new choices will open up themselves. Meaning to say, you always have the option to make a difference to things. But if you refuse to make that choice you be just stuck, stuck in your own misery forever.

Picture it this way. Just imagine you are driving alone and you found yourself lost. What would you do? You will naturally want to find back your way and which even if it may take you several tries, you will eventually hit the right path isn’t it? Lost for a while though but if you keep a clear mind, not giving up, you will eventually find your way and when that happen, you feel happy don’t you? And did anyone tell you that you have to do it? No isn’t it? You are driving alone remember?

That’s life! There is no doubt that we would be lost once in a while. At the end of the day what matters is that we must not be lost forever. Understand the way of life, stay in rhythm with the nature. When you have to make a choice, you just have to.

Now, if you have the chance to get to understand yourself more, your very own life destiny, would you?

© 2007 Jon Sim. All rights reserved.

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Jon Sim is the Principal Consultant and Master Trainer of Art of Feng Shui Consultancy. A master in the practice of Chinese Metaphysic Art, which include Classical Feng Shui, Life Destiny Reading, Time and Space Metaphysics. With the wise knowledge in the law of Yin & Yang and Life Destiny Reading, he has helped and counseled many, both online and onsite, to acquiring and experience the benefits and joy of balanced living.

Brought up in a very traditional Chinese family environment, Jon has been long exposed to the wise Art of Chinese Metaphysics and Philosophy since young. The passion and love for the Chinese Art is born into him.

Through the years, Jon has been educating and spreading the true art of Classical Feng Shui to the many around him. Today he has taken another step, establishing a complete Mastery Course in the Art of Classical Feng Shui, playing the role of a great mentor guiding those who seek the interest and knowledge in the great art of Classical Feng Shui.

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