Mothers are a great target to receive the brunt of the blame for their children's unhappiness and misery in life.

People spend years and thousands of dollars on therapy to help move through hatred, anger, blame and animosity directed towards mothers. Mothers either abused us with their words and actions, smothered us with their food and love, or failed to provide the guidance and love we thought we should've had.

Want to learn an easier way to release the stronghold your past has on you? And discover that your mother is the perfect mother for you and your spiritual growth? That perhaps in her ignorance, you have found greater ways of being a loving and compassionate person? And the hurdles and obstacles set forth in your life gave you character and the needed attributes to fulfill your mission on earth.

DNA Theata Healing can remove blame, victim mentality, anger, resentment, and grudges.

Learn to be responsible and accountable for your life with the simple healing techniques ThetaHealing has to offer. Clear space in your brain from resentments and maake room for the better things in life. And finally set yourself and your mother free.

Remember, if you aren’t already, you can be a parent one day too. Wouldn’t you love to have a cleared life to share with your children?

Give your mother the best Mother's Day in her life. And celebrate all holidays in love.

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Margaret Loris RN MS, DNA Lehrer, Kristall Heiler, heilend Langstrecke, registreit Krankenschwester, and certified DNA teacher, is a gifted healer with an international following. She is a Kristall Heiler and Theta-Heiler. She travels all over the world presenting seminars and workshops on DNA Orion Theta healing techniques; DNA heilendes Seminar, Heilendes Kristallseminar, und Internationale Seminare. Margaret has a special interest in healing pets and is a frequently published author on this topic. Margaret’s love for all the kingdoms includes her crystal healings and courses. Check her international workshop schedule: and email her at