I decided while I was vacation last week to visit a speaking colleague and good friend in Windsor Ontario. I also, decided to let someone else do the driving and enjoyed the four hour trip aboard Via Rail. I have not been on a train since I was a child and I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxation, the scenery and the people!

On the way to Windsor, I had the cutest two-year-old boy in my traincar. After he settled down from his excitement, he decided he wanted to walk down the aisle. With his watchful mom behind him, he cautiously stepped his way into the aisle and just stood there. Not holding onto anything, he stood in one spot, for a couple of minutes. Observing his actions and behaviour, I realized what he was doing:

1. Finding his balance! In all likelihood, riding on a train was a new experience for him. The rocking motion of the train, took him by surprise. It did not take him long to figure out that in order not to topple over, he had to find his balance and equilibrium.

2. Stopping and enjoying the scenery! He stood there and soaked in the sea of smiling faces, the huge windows, the train whistle blowing and the trees and buildings passing by in break-neck speed. He was innocently captivated by the new sights and sounds.

3. Enjoying the present moment! It was a joy to watch him being in the moment. He had a huge smile on his face, and was delighted to be the center of attention. There were no distractions, except for enjoying this moment of staying upright!

4. Taking a leap of faith! With his parents encouraging and supporting him, he took that first step without falling down. That small step produced a smile that lit up the whole traincar!

5. Rewarding himself! After awhile, he was racing up and down the aisle to the jubiliation of the passengers and his parents who showered him with hugs,kisses and gifts! Not a bad reward for taking that scary first step.

I am not too sure if the other passengers observed what I saw, but I have to thank a little boy with an old soul to remind me of life's simple lessons: finding your balance, enjoying the scenery, being in the present moment, taking a leap of faith and rewarding yourself for a job well done! I just wish he came into my life sooner!

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Nominated for Canada 100 Most Powerful Women, Canada's Diamond Coach Adele Alfano is an award-winning professional speaker, author and co-publisher who has helped thousands of people capitalize on their unique abilities to maximize their potential through her specially designed systems. Her proven techniques have helped people mine passion and purpose in their lives and in an evolving workplace. Adele is also the co-author, co-editor and publisher for a series of collaborative books titled Experts Who Speak Books and is also the founder of the sold-out fundraising events in Southwestern Ontario called Kiss my Tiara!