Life does not always turn out the way we want it to; positive thinking and the Law of Attraction notwithstanding. Disappointments and heartaches abound. Telling someone to make lemonade of the lemons life gave them; does not always help. What if he hates lemonade, or lacks the water and sugar to complete the recipes? I am not advocating that one should roll over and die when life deals one a hard blow; but let us not be hasty in running with the ball.

Life does not always pan out as planned because we are all here for specific reasons; in spite of what our wishes are. Life always gives us what we need to get to the next level. Whenever we get what we did not ask for, and therefore have no clue what to make of it; we ought to come to a complete stop. Take a step back and seriously analyze what is going on; to decipher how we got to the point of wonderment.

We have a lot of choices in life; but one of them is not giving life back whatever it entrusts us with; be it good or bad. As we accept the good, so must we accept the bad. Our whole life is one big puzzle and we get the pieces as we age. There is no cheating; you have to play fair and get what you get when you get it. This is the great equalizer, regardless of your status in life; whether you are royalty, a star or a pauper; we all pay our dues sooner or later in various forms.

Whatever life throws at you, take it, value it, examine it and analyze it; to figure out what piece of your life’s puzzle you just got. You do not always have to make lemonade with your lemons; life may be gearing you up for a lemon meringue or some exotic cocktail. Taking a step back may crystallize things and you can actually catch a glimpse of where the map is taking you. If you can clearly unscramble your puzzle at your vantage point, you go for it.

On the other hand, if you cannot make head or tail of the piece (lemon, luck etc.); it must not be time, yet for action. If it does not fit into your other life’s pieces; you must relax and pray to get the necessary pieces in due time. We can always learn to have fun or at least cherish every piece of life’s puzzle that we receive. We have to be alert and innovative to enjoy our journey of discovery. Answers could be staring us in the face; yet we miss it because we hasten to make lemonade and misuse our resources.

Miscalculations can yield deadly outcomes; and we all do miscalculate some of the times. Life is never an exact science that yields expected results all the time. Problems arise for us in life when we try to force our pieces to fit into the puzzle we design for ourselves; on the schedules we set for ourselves. This discounts the ordained destiny for this particular journey of our lives. When it is time, at the right time; we always get the clues that joyfully blow our minds. Savor all of your life calmly with much love.

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Trainer, Rehabilitation Consultant, Talk Show Host & Author