What a lot of people experience as they try to incorporate The Law of Attraction and other abundance practices into their lives is Doubt. The same response is common for some people engaged in an affirmation practice, or creative visualization to name a couple of others.

There is an interesting paradox here. There are many practices that can work if you can apply your whole mind and heart to them. The problem is that many of us need a dose of understanding to go along with it in order to satisfy our rational mind. Not having the understanding of the underlying process can result in doubt which will then become a distraction to the process we are involved in.

In the case of The Law of Attraction the explanations are usually in terms that the rational mind has a hard time grasping or relating to our common experience. We hear about Quantum Physics, thought vibration, the higher or creative self, and so on. Again, these things may in fact be true but how does one grasp this and assimilate it into their own experience if they tend to be left brained?

In my own experience as a spiritual seeker with an enlarged left brain I have answered the question of how does LOA work this way and have found that it works for me on the ground:

There are three main pillars underlying the process of attracting what we want:

1. Innattentional Blindness: we will see what we expect to see. Considerable research has been done on this. It is amazing what we do not see that is right in front of us because we do not expect to see it. Go to http://viscog.beckman.uiuc.edu/flashmovie/15.php for a short video demonstration of this phenomena. Before you go, the task is to count the number of times the people in white shirts pass the ball back and forth to each other.

Try it again only this time focus on the black shirts.

Has anyone had the experience of buying a car and then suddenly seeing the same car a lot more frequently than before you bought the car? Pregnant women have told me that during their pregnancy they see pregnant women everywhere.

If we put our mind on something then we are more likely to see it, or to see something related to or leading to our goal. This is one of the advantages (not the only one) of having a clear vision of what we want. If we are particularly good at visualizing what we want and tend to be a little more right brained then things start to appear almost as if by magic.

2. Subconscious communication: We are always expressing ourselves whether we are consciously aware of it or not. No matter how hard we try, the facial expressions, the body posture, and the quality of our voice will betray what we are thinking above and below the threshold of our own awareness. Whatever dominant thought patterns we are running will come out in one or more of these ways. Here again is an example of how important it is to have our vision clear and constantly running in our mind.

We form impressions about people rather quickly, one of the reasons is that our subconscious, as a communicator in its own right, picks up the queues from the other person and forms a reaction that we may not even be aware of. Google in "Automaticity" for a lot of information on this. This subconscious communication can cause us to be attracted to or cause others to be attracted to us. Seemingly with no conscious intervention by ourselves.

3. The third pillar is Action: If we don't take action what happens to us will be more a result of what other people want, not what we want. The other very interesting thing about action is its compounding nature. Action on top of action builds our experience causing each subsequent sets of action to be more effective. Small individual actions within a set may be setbacks, but they really are lessons upon which to build.

How many times have we set out on a course towards a particular goal not knowing how were going to get there. I think we did this frequently as children in part because there was less dialogue telling us we Can't. How many times have you ended up somewhere as a result of a long course of action and wondered "I never would have thought I would end up here ..." It seems like magic.

The great thing is that the two types of people (left and right brained for a convenient label) can end up in the same place by basically using the same process. Clear vision is always the starting point though; without it we will only get what others want us to have or what our dominant scarcity thinking will allow us to have.

Author's Bio: 

Jim Andrews is the author of The MindTech Principles, a unique and unusual presentation of the fundamental principles that govern how we create what we want. As a life long explorer of the spiritual province and with many years experience in executive management Jim has a determination to express the spiritual experience in a way that includes the rational as well as the higher parts of our mind. Visit www.MindTechPrinciples.com for more on left brain spirituality.