The very word Love often is associated with much solecism. It is misunderstood. It is misjudged. Along with other ‘misses’ it is misrepresented, mishandled, misinformed and misinterpreted. So, what is this ‘Love’ that makes the world go round, as they say. Is it merely an ordinary vacuous cliché. It appears the very word has been used so very fallaciously. It is oversimplified, overstressed and overused in our ordinary pontification. Then how is it that we can be uniquely anecdotic about this astonishing abstruse term.

A former friend of mine, who is deceased now, helped me define this inexplicable jargon. He said that “Love is the giving and sharing of one’s self for the benefit of another”. There is only one example of this that reigns supreme of all other definitions and descriptions, or ideologies. This example is God giving his only begotten Son to come down and die for our sins. With this as our authoritative guideline, all others are merely inconsequential.

Love is what makes the world go around, it is said. It was love that created all mankind; The same love created this world first for mankind to have as a habitation. Not only did love give mankind this habitation, but also, love gave him the ‘free’ course of will. That’s right. We have a choice to go straight, or make turns in life. The word ‘round or around’ whichever is preferable denotes a completeness. As in a circle, whether the direction is clockwise or counterclockwise; the circle is complete. Love provides thoroughness and completeness when it is activated, or in action. It is also said that the word Love is an action word.

As with all nouns; although Love is an action word, it is a representation of something. It has to come from a being farther supreme than mankind. Consequently that figure is God. Love personifies God, the giver of all things. As with anything, there is always a counter, or counterfit for it. With sugar, there are numerous artificial sweetners. With gold, there is fools gold, and with real money, there is the ‘monopoly’ paper. Well, the counterfeit of love is lust. Many a relationship was thought to have been originated on love. But only to find out just the opposite. One by definition is the giving and sharing, whereas the other is the taking and retaining. Love looks out for the other, where lust looks out for self.

“Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear”. Hebrews 11:3 And John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world”. Because of the evils of mankind, it was love from the Creator that sent his only begotten son to die for sinful man and redeem us back to him. It is God’s love of this world, and of mankind that causes the seasons to come and go respectively. It is his love that moves the planets in our solar system, keeping them in their respective orbits. The rising of the sun is, of course mandated by his love, as the moon gives us light by night. His love is definitely disseminated among mankind. All of mankind is not evil. In numerous of his Creation, love can be noted; whether it be in our parents, our Pastors, or even the reciprocation from our children. God does allow evil to exist, and who is it that knows the mind of God, for we are finite and he is not only infinite but omniscience. Love is the strongest force. We live by it. Our sins are forgiven by love. We commune with God by it. We are at peace with it. Love comes from God. I can’t really pontificate that love is mucilage, but rather it is the dominant force in the world today. Let us continue to give and share without reservation. Our lives would be fuller and we can live it more abundantly.

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Lorene Hall is author of her first book, ‘Hallelujah! It’s A Mother’s Miracle’. This book is about her oldest son who was given 5yrs to live 39yrs ago. He developed a dreaded illness called hydrocephaly, which is water on the brain. The book goes on to give a chronological yet miraculous story of him as he is healed of this malady. Her website is
. As a writer and Evangelist, Lorene Hall writes from life’s expediency with conviction and meticulousness of heart.