Most of you know me on different “levels.” Today, I felt compelled to share a “secret” that is really not so secret at all.

Some of you may have heard me refer to myself as a “kook.” And while you may have your own perception of what that word means…it really means a great deal to me.

Several years ago, as I sat in Taco Bell (which was my favorite restaurant, yes, it really was) with two very special people, I mentioned that Ron, my husband, referred to me as a “kook.” And, lucky, or unlucky, for them, they fell into that category with me. As I pondered the word “kook,” I had an epiphany…well, for me it was an epiphany…we would refer to ourselves as KOOKS – Knowing Our Own Kindred Spirits.

So, now you have a clue as to why I love being called a “kook,” and even refer to myself as a “kook.” It makes my heart sing.

I realize that most people will never read this article…and that’s fine. However, I also know that some people will be drawn to this article and they will know why as soon as they begin to read it, and others will be curious enough to begin their own journey.

So, just because I can…because this is my website…I want to share with you what I know to be true (or what Oprah would say…what I know for sure)…and don’t worry, I won’t include everything

I know that:

• like attracts like. In other words, if you want to be around happy people, be a happy person.
• what you fear, you attract. In other words, if you are afraid of losing people you love, you will be placed in situations where that can happen…and it’s your choice to address your fears and change the outcome…if that’s what you want.
• physical illness is a manifestation of something that you are thinking and feeling over and over again. Now I don’t know how to determine what that might be for you…but you know. Think about it. It will be your first step in getting better.
• we are perfect in every way. Yes, that’s right. You are perfect. Will you allow yourself to manifest your perfection in every way? Will you dare to show it to others?
• we all want to be happy, yet we make choices every day that do not result in joy. Okay, joy may be too strong. Happy may be too strong too. Some of us don’t even make choices that result in feeling just a little bit good. What choices will you make to get the results you desire?
• we can have everything that we can possibly want. And if we don’t have it, then we really don’t want it or have some huge fear about it. What do you want that you don’t have?
• what you think is reflected in what you have and who you are. Scary or “yes!?” Look around you. Do you and the things around you – loved ones, circumstances, money, possessions, etc. – reflect your true essence?
• some people reading this will get really angry. That’s okay. Just ask yourself why you feel angry…and just for a minute, consider that I might be right…and if I am…are you willing to do something to make it better?

There are a great deal of books and movies available on this and other topics lately. All you have to do is be open to these ideas and more will “come” to you. In fact, when you’re ready, the “teacher” will come. And for some of you, when you are ready, the “learner” will come. We’re all at different levels in our journey, so we all have something to teach and/or learn from someone else…especially, maybe, the last person you would expect.

If you read this, maybe you are a “kook.” And, just maybe, the next time someone calls you that “word,” you, too, will smile and your heart will sing…and you don’t have to share your “secret.”

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