Are You Looking For A Great Speaker Who Can Entertain Your Group, Deliver Content and Sell Well?

Then Look No More! Bill Duquette Can Do All of That and More!

Bill can come to your event and supply a fun filled evening of entertainment with his Stage Hypnosis Show where he’ll train on the powers of the mind to reprogram your students for success!

While there, Bill can also offer any of the following products to your students/guests:

• Profits In Pretty Houses Home Study Course:
Step By Step Buying And Selling Made Easy! A 200 Page Manual That Includes 10 CD’s Of A Live Event (a $2497 value), All Documents Needed On One CD, And More!
Cost: $897

• The Shift 2 Day Experience:
The Basic needed to educate your self for success
How we are programmed and how to reprogram success
Cost: $1497

• Programming Confidence 3 Day Experience:
Build Your Confidence and Eliminate Old Programs That Do Not Serve You! Learn Subconscious Persuasion And Influence. Develop A Millionaire Mindset! And Get The Complete Resource On The How To’s Of Real Estate Investing.
Cost: $2497

Bill has spoken to groups over 2,000 and can sell 30- 35% or better of most rooms

He can also do e-mail blasts or conference calls as well.
Call Now to Book Bill (904) 465-4682 or email Bill at

For More information please visit WWW.PROGRAMMINGCONFIDENCE.COM

Author's Bio: 

Born in a small town in Massachusetts, Bill Duquette grew up in a humble environment. While being blessed with a loving nurturing mother and two sisters it was evident that poverty was so much a part of their lives.

Though torn, worn and fatherless in the face of ridicule and laughter of other children he continued on suffering with low self esteem that would soon emerge into anger.

An angry child soon harvested a man’s spirit of determination. While he vowed in early adolescence that poverty would not be an option he realized that determination alone was not enough.

Trading his educational years for physical labor and low wages he realized it was not what he had wanted for his life. Soon he passed a GED and off to three years of college to be laughed at yet again.

A committee had asked Bill what his intentions were since he had not declared a major. Declaring truthfully and boldly “Whatever major would make me a million dollars”. Laughing and wishing him the best, the college staff sent him on his way. Realizing the riches he desired were not waiting for him at the college, the yearning was bigger than ever.

Bill began seeking advice from others that he knew that achieved financial peace in their lives. While working as a bartender in Jacksonville, Florida, he soon realized that enjoying a job and keeping a job had two different definitions. Being fired from his job meant he had to turn his dream into reality.

While being mentored and learning secret techniques by wealthy real estate investors, he soon began to invest in real estate. Thus, pursuing the opportunities and lifestyle that only investing in real estate could provide.

Since then Bill has become a successful investor, trainer, mentor and motivational speaker. He has shared the stage and the spotlight with some of the most widely recognized business leaders, professional investors and speakers of our time. Plus, along with being a successful wealth builder and mentor, Bill is a Master Hypnotist.

Bill is the CEO of several Real Estate Investment and Personal Development Corporations.

Understanding the need for mentorship, understanding the need to be shown and taught, and most of all, knowing you deserve better, Bill has made a commitment to you and himself to lead you to true wealth.
Bill has helped tens of thousands of people realize their dreams of running their own real estate business and owning real estate as an investment he and will give that opportunity to you as well.
Today, Bill's business portfolio, accomplishments and interests are diverse but his passion for real estate remains his most important enterprise.