Recently I've experienced a barrage of time wasters. Everything you can imagine, most of them unexpected, many of them self inflicted. It's amazing how fast you can go through minutes.

When I discovered that time was an illusion of the physical world I decided not to keep a clock. Even the watch I wore was incorrect. Every clock in my house was purposely left incorrect. It gave me a sense of pace. I wasn’t keeping time according to any clock. I was living time.

Of course I had one clock which worked on my computer in order to keep appointments during appropriate windows of time. I hadn’t gone totally insane.

I still know that time is an illusion of the physical. But I realize now the importance of keeping physical time; not just so that appointments are met but also because although time is an illusion of the physical world, we are also very much apart of that illusion. Like it or not we are not free from the bounds of time. As long as we live in the physical world we are exposed to the vulnerabilities of time.

In essence because we can’t beat time we must join it. This means tracking time and making the best use of it we can. In the end – great use of time is all we have to master. Everything else falls into place. If we know what we want and we master our time to get there – we are on the surest path of getting there.

Time management is easier to say than do. We aren’t managing time. In fact time manages us; all the time. Since we cannot turn back clocks or speed them ahead we are simply living in the moment. And in each moment we have events. These events are either spawned by our own cause or not. In other words – in the actions we take now we birth new events. This is the cause and effect relationship we agree to every moment of our lives. Some events are spawned by unexpected causes. Like the death of a loved one. We must get through these events and learn the most possible. Then we must utilize our time as effectively as possible to ensure that most events are the result of our own cause. While we cannot make events happen exactly the way we’d like them to, we can maintain our direction in life and maintain action on a regular and cause managed basis.

The most successful people in life are those that seem to control their time well. They actually just control the events of their lives so well it looks as though they manage time. When you get to the root of their life events you discover the causes that created them. It is here we can all model the success of great ones. It is here we can start now and control the events of our lives. It is in this very moment through our actions we spark a cause that becomes the fire of our events. Events in the end – are what we call life.

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