I recently met with my client, Jenny, who left her corporate job to start her own business two years ago.  Her business has quickly grown, she had built up a clientele of loyal customers and she was ready to go after bigger accounts.  Yet, there was something in the way that was keeping her from pursuing the bigger accounts.

Jenny had worked for someone else for many years.  She was comfortable promoting their product and staying in the background.  But now as a business owner, the product she's promoting is herself.   She was having difficulty creating a compelling marketing message and letting people know about her.

When I asked her what was holding her back, she said she doesn't think she can compete with the big competitors. And, when we went a little deeper, we uncovered the real fear and that was she didn't think she was good enough.   Now, is this the truth?  Absolutely not!  She made this thought up and deep down she believes it.

For many entrepreneurs, we have difficulty blowing our own horn.  What holds us back can be our limiting thoughts.  We're not always aware of these thoughts, but you know they're there because they can show up in our behaviors.

Here's how you know you're holding yourself back:

  • You make excuses for not doing what you said you would do.
  • You blame circumstances or other people for your situation.
  • You find yourself distracted and sidetracked by other tasks.
  • You feel overwhelmed by everything there is to do.
  • You compare yourself to others.

If you want to take your business to the next level, you have to be willing to step out from behind the curtain and stand confidently and proudly center stage.  It's time to blow your horn, let everyone know how great you are, what you have to offer, and how they can help you.

It means "acting as if" you're already that person.  The more you act as if you are, over time you will become that person.  It's like being an actor.  The actor takes on a role.  She's "pretending" to be that person; however, to the audience she "is" that person.

I did that when I created my new website.  I wanted a new website that projected an image of professionalism yet softness.  I took the leap and made the changes.  At first it was scary.  I wondered how people would respond.  There was no reason to be scared, the response to the website has been so positive since I've launched it. In the first week, I've attracted two huge business opportunities.  I'm so happy I made the leap!

Here's 5 easy steps to help you blow your horn!

  • Make a list of your accomplishments.  When you do this exercise, you'll begin to see how much you've accomplished.  Far more than you ever thought!
  • Make a list of the benefits people receive from working with you.  This will help you become clear on what you provide for your clients.
  • Interview clients.  Ask them what they like best about working with you, what is unique about you, and why they hired you.
  • Gather testimonials from your clients.  Read those testimonials over and over, so you're present to the results you've produced for your clients. These are your raving fans!
  • Take action now!  What's one step you've been wanting to do in your business and been putting off that you're willing to take on today?

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