It’s No Secret!
How to Invite the Law of Attraction to work its magic for you

by Cynthia Wall, LCSW
Author and Psychotherapist

I believe the power of thought can transform a negative event into a positive lesson. I am always grateful when a powerful truth resurfaces and brings insight and hope to people who are struggling with loss or fears of failure.

The excitement being generated by "The Secret," Rhonda Byrnes’ book and DVD, is a powerful reminder of a long-known truth: when you create positive images of what you want, and then imagine the joy the change will bring, you increase the odds of receiving it.

This process needs guidance and direction. Most of us have been discouraged from thinking positively with phrases like Don’t ask for too much, You don’t deserve it, Be careful what you ask for, and You’re not the center of the universe!

Perhaps the most potent teaching of the Law of Attraction is that you ARE the center of your own universe. Your first job is to feel the impact of suffering or self-doubt currently limiting your ability to be grateful and kind. Then you can ask not only for what will bring you joy, but also expand your ability share your happiness and prosperity with others.

A casual viewing of "The Secret" might cause some to judge those who are suffering as not be thinking positively enough. The true law of attraction does not support this damaging conclusion. People with cancer, the citizens of Iraq, the Sudan, or the Congo are not manifesting the wars, intolerance, and starvation that create overwhelming tragedy every day. Children who are humiliated and abused have not asked for it. Women who are raped or minorities denied jobs do not deserve their fate. Getting results by focusing on what you truly want is not a license to put down those experiencing misfortune. Please refuse that thought.

The Buddha stated the path to peace of mind begins with accepting that life brings suffering. Illness, loss, rejection, and death come to everyone. Jesus reminded his followers that the rain falls on the just and unjust. All spiritual traditions recognize that there are innocent victims. The great teachers all promote positive thinking and asking for what you want. They also teach the importance of compassion, and to assist those in need.

It isn’t easy to reconcile these powerful conflicting ideas: living brings suffering, and we are also capable of manifesting more peace, happiness, and prosperity. I respect the wisdom of many teachers and philosophies. My studies support my ability to maintain faith in a positive future despite hard times and deep loss. Our ability to attract the life we want will be undermined the moment we accuse those who are currently suffering of not being spiritually aligned. Such thoughts take us away from compassion and back into our own misery.

To start asking for what you truly want, you must develop deep compassion for others’ hurts and losses. It is just as important to acknowledge your own. Until you can recognize how much you hurt or how you feel powerless, you don’t know where to begin asking for positive change. Whether you find yourself in luxury or poverty, you can focus your energy on what is most important to you in this moment.

I’m suggesting that you reach beyond manifesting a parking space, or praying those you love are safe. Try asking for patience and humor, and a sense of adventure, while looking for a parking space. Hold the safety and well-being of your loved ones as an image in your heart, and pray to be calm and ready to assist when problems occur.

There are many methods suggested to manifest the law of attraction. If you want lasting happiness, avoid any that don’t emphasize the importance of asking for patience, compassion, and success in non-material ways. When you really understand the power of attraction, you can focus clear energy and take actions to create a life that matters for many people.

My 90 minute audiotape, "Embracing True Prosperity," offers three guided visualizations to help you practice asking and imagining how you would like your life to change. It helps you explore the realms of home, appearance, creativity, work, and Spirit, as well as financial prosperity. The focus is on relationships--to yourself, with other people, and having faith in appositive future in my book, "The Courage to Trust: a guide to deep and lasting relationships" (2005 New Harbinger Publications). All are available through

Whether or not you choose to order my tape, audio file, or book, I suggest you begin the power of attraction with this lovely meditation. It comes from Buddhist teachings, and will enhance compassion for yourself and others while activating the “law of attraction” --

May I be filled with loving kindness
May I be well.
May I be peaceful and at ease.
May I be happy.

Repeat it with a breath at each line. Once you begin to feel peaceful and generous of heart, substitute a loved one’s name for “I.” From there, expand it to “all beings.” So you begin to ask for what you want, to offer the gifts to someone you know, and then wishing it for everyone in the world. I wish it for you.

Author's Bio: 

Cynthia Wall, LCSW, has been a licensed therapist, consultant, and seminar teacher for over thirty years. Living on the Mendocino coast of Northern California, she volunteers with hospice, bereaved parents, and the Red Cross. Her motto is "Specialing in Happy Endings."