Once upon a time I was so depressed and so convinced my life was going nowhere that I quit my job and lay helpless in bed for three weeks feeling sorry for myself. What I was unable to realize at the time was that my depression was largely a result of my ‘stinkin thinkin’. My mind was a consistent chaotic symphony of so many negative thoughts and beliefs that everywhere I looked in life all that was reflected back to me was sorrow, dread and tragedy – a mere projection of my thoughts.

Then one day it finally dawned on me that if I wanted to change my situation, all I needed to do was changing my thinking. This blinding flash of the obvious appeared with such clarity, I laughed out loud in a sort of semi shock of awareness. How on earth could I have missed such a seemingly simple concept? Well probably most of us weren’t taught that our thoughts create our reality and results in life, and because most people don’t realize this, they end up living in unnecessary pain and turmoil. Most people haven’t yet fully grasped the concept, that what we think about most in life, we bring about.

For far too long I had been letting my mind control me, rather than me managing and controlling my mind. I believed I was separate from my thoughts and powerless to change them. Then one day seemingly out of the blue it all became crystal clear. I awakened to the reality that I was solely responsible for all the results being produced in my life because basically I was creating my results through my thinking about my life. What an epiphany! What insight!

The realization that I was 100% responsible for my reality filled me with so much power and joy, because in that moment, I realized I always have choices. I could choose to continue to depress or I could choose something else like choosing to be happy, choosing to be creative, choosing to be motivated, or choosing to be free. AND YOU CAN DO THE SAME!

Ever since that day, every area of my life has radically changed for the better. What’s even more exciting is that cutting edge sciences such as quantum physics and neuroscience studies for example are now providing scientific evidence that clearly demonstrates the power of intention and focus. Imagine that! Makes you wonder what else we are capable of then doesn’t it?

The implications of being at cause in your life is nothing less than world-changing!

The moment you wake up, you create your world as I create mine. What determines what you experience in your world versus what I experience, comes down to our internal filters – our beliefs, memories, values etc. If we want different results in our lives we must first learn how to modify our internal filters in such a way that they align with our desired intentions. What this ultimately means, is that when you learn how to manage your thinking, you can accomplish anything and I mean annnything! Wealth, health, happiness, freedom. You name it, you can attain it.

Your Mind is Your Biggest Asset

When you take charge of all the mind’s many functions—what you focus on, value, believe, and intend, you can improve your health, create harmonious relationships, multiply your financial success and increase your effectiveness in every area of life.

If you are currently unaware of how these deeper, unconscious aspects of your mind are determining your results, you are letting yourself get tossed against the rocks in a wide open sea of possibilities. As soon as you learn to manage your mind, you will no longer get tossed about by life. Instead, you will take charge of life and live it the way you desire it to be.

So imagine now if you could alter your future in any way (and you can)… how would you want it to be? What would you be, do, and have?

When you have the realization that YOU are the one in charge of your destiny, it’s a bit like winning the lottery. Suddenly you have this world of opportunity and possibilities before you to choose from, coupled with all the resources you will ever need to fulfill your wildest dreams.

There’s no need for pain, struggle and heartache in this life. You CAN live a life of freedom, passion, abundance and fulfillment if this is what you choose. I guarantee it!

To your success!

Michelle Armstrong

Author's Bio: 

Using the principles she teaches, Michelle went from being in an unsatisfying career, depression, frustration and $60,000 in the red, to a career she loves and is passionate about, and six figures in the black.

Michelle is the President and founder of Mind Management, an organization that teaches business professionals how to have a passionate and lucrative career by increasing their effectiveness.

Michelle is a powerful Business Effectiveness Coach and dynamic motivational speaker. She is the author of ‘Manage Your Mind, Master Your Life’ and creator of The Armstrong Method™ –6 revolutionary steps to success.

To find out more about Michelle, her coaching programs, speaking topics and seminars, please visit http://www.armstrongmethod.com/