Jackie characterized her Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms as a panic attack of the bowels. Sudden, explosive episodes of diarrhea had her confined to her house. She had tuned over the grocery shopping to her husband and had not been on an outing with her family in three years.

Since Gerri never had an unassisted bowel movement she always crossed Sunday afternoon through Tuesday off her calendar. After church on Sunday she would begin her weekly ritual of laxatives and enemas to produce the bowel movements necessary to end the pain in her gut. The diarrhea that resulted kept her confined to her apartment for a two-day period every week. Her friends had long ago stopped calling to include her in their social plans leaving her feeling isolated and lonely.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a chronic digestive disturbance that affects approximately one out of five people in the general population and one out of three adult women. And, the incidence of IBS among US teenagers is on the rise. For some the symptoms are an occasional annoyance. For others they are debilitating and disabling. It is not a life threatening illness. However, it is life changing and life limiting.

The symptoms of chronic diarrhea, chronic constipation or a combination of both diarrhea and constipation combined with gut pain, gut spasms, gas, bloating and sometimes nausea and/or dyspepsia affect everyone occasionally. But, if you have experienced that combination of symptoms for more than six weeks in a twelve-month period you could have IBS. Those six weeks do not have to be consecutive. Since the symptoms are the same symptoms of some life threatening conditions you should have them properly diagnosed by your physician.

Unfortunately, there are no safe drugs on the market for IBS. Two medications that were introduced in the past ten years have been withdrawn from the market by the FDA due to toxicity problems and deaths. And, the conventional treatment of medications, diet and lifestyle changes never helped more than 25% of IBS sufferers anyway. So, what do you do if you or someone you love is among the 75% who have not found relief?

The first thing you should know is that you do not have to learn to live with symptoms of IBS. Twenty-five years of research and treatment have proven that the way to tame your savage gut is through your ears, not your stomach. Gut directed hypnotherapy has been deemed evidence based effective by the National Institute of Health. It is difficult to pick up a medical journal these days and not find an article on the many ways hypnosis is partnering with conventional medical treatments to provide relief to millions who would otherwise be left to suffer. Since hypnosis is non-invasive it is the safest way to ease and eliminate IBS symptoms. No, that does not mean that IBS is a psychosomatic illness or that it is all in your head.

Hypnosis uses your subconscious mind; the part of you that runs your body like a computer runs a robot, to realign the muscles, nerves and biochemistry of your gut to function normally again. Since your subconscious mind trained your gut to function normally when you were an infant you can use it to re-train it to function normally again. In as few as six sessions of gut specific hypnotherapy 86% of IBS sufferers will become symptom free and remain that way. 94% of people gained a minimum of a 50% reduction in their symptoms that lasted after the sessions ended. There are no symptoms left to manage and the symptoms do not return when the sessions end.

This is exactly what the IBS HypnoTherapy Program used by Alabama Hypnotherapy Center in Birmingham, Al. does. It was developed by a former IBS sufferer, Melissa Roth, CHt, PhD, to ease her own severe IBS symptoms. Since 1996 over 86% of sufferers who have used this program, either through personal sessions with Dr.Roth or through the Healing At Home IBS HypnoTherapy CD program, have found lasting relief from their IBS symptoms.

For more information about using hypnotherapy to relieve IBS symptoms go to www.tranceworkers.com. To order the Healing At Home IBS HypnoTherapy CD program or to find a certified IBS hypnotherapist near you go to www.ibshypnotist.com.

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As a result of healing herself of both IBS and Fibromyalgia using hypnosis, Melissa J. Roth, CHt., PhD founded Alabama Hypnotherapy Center in Birmingham, Al. in 1995. She has become a world renowned hypnotherapist, author and lecturer. She has trained and certified hundreds of healthcare providers in these same techniques worldwide. She can be located at Alabama Hypnotherapy Center, 2117 Sixteenth Ave. South, Birmingham, Al. 35205, 205/933-5705, www.tranceworkers.com.