Every one of us has had moments where our gut was trying to tell us something. More often than not we ignore these feelings or dismiss then as nothing more than our imagination. Developing intuitive skills is much like developing any life skill. You'll never become good at it if you don't invest the proper time and energy into the endeavor.

If you wanted to become better at, let's say, cooking, you would instantly know the steps you would need to take. For one, you would turn to the experts by either learning directly from someone you already thought was a fantastic cook or by reading books, magazines, and web content written by experts in the field. You would know that you need to start actually getting in the kitchen and trying things out. You would know that you need to buy ingredients and purchase certain tools to get the job done. Developing your intuition is no different.

Many people look at intuition as some magical idea that is only attainable by the most gifted psychics. Remember the greatest chefs in the world had to start out by boiling water, and intuitive skills are much the same. We are all capable of learning to listen to and follow our innate intuition if we are willing to invest the time and focus enough of our energies to making it happen.

To start taking developing your intuition seriously, begin by looking at it as you would if you wanted to develop any skill. You will want to begin by finding people who are already experts and studying everything they have to say. If you already know someone you feel is highly adept, turn to them as a mentor. Ask them lots of questions about how they are able to understand and follow their own intuition. Also, ask them specific questions about any problems or concerns you have when trying to develop your own. Reading books and other written materials from people who have been successful at fully developing their intuition is also a great way to begin to learn to develop your own.

By taking time to ask questions and listen to people around you who have already developed their intuitive skills and by reading what experts have to say on the topic, you will not only learn specific skills, but you will also put yourself in an open frame of mind that is necessary to grow. Your intuition will naturally improve when you just make it a priority in your life. The more you spend time and energy making efforts to develop your intuition, the more you will find yourself hearing your own intuitive thoughts without effort.

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Chris shares his experiences with developing intuition at his Intuition Zone Review Blog.