"Is there anyone here who doesn't want to be their very best Self?" I ask the 6th graders' PE class. Of course not one of them raises a hand. They just look at me with question marks for eyes, anticipating that the yoga teacher in front of them must have a magical solution for achieving such a high standard. In truth, becoming our very best is the effort of a lifetime, undertaken before we even arrive on this earth in this body. The journey may take us to places we never anticipated, but oh what a ride it is! Yoga is but one vehicle available to us as we begin to remember how to be whole again.

As someone who got pregnant at 17, married at 18, and gave birth to three babies before she turned 23, I wouldn't have expected to be where I am at age 60. At 37 I was a divorced mother of three teenagers. I had a high school education and was working as a secretary in a real estate office. There was no financial support forthcoming from the father of my kids. I had applied for food stamps. I decided I wanted more.

I enrolled in college and, over the next three years completed my degree while working full time. I was 41 years old. I went to seminary and was ordained 8 years later. I decided I wanted more. Six years after that I spent a month getting certified as a Kripalu Yoga instructor. Last year I enrolled in Level 1 Reiki training. I always want more!

In August of 2008 I published my first novel titled The Green Plaid Jacket. Since then I've completed two children's books and have two more novels taking shape in my creative cauldron. I'm thrilled beyond description to attest to the transformations that have enveloped me over the years, and I'm here to tell you that nothing is impossible for those who aren't afraid to want more!

I'm currently enrolled in a Bestseller's Coaching Course that guarantees to elevate my book to bestseller status ~ what could be more exciting than that? I have every confidence that once the right people read The Green Plaid Jacket, the movie rights will be up for bids and literary agents will be clamoring to represent me. Everything I read and hear confirms that success is mine! I hope to be able to share that story with you in the near future. I still want more!

Author's Bio: 

I'm an ordained minister, yoga instructor, Rieki practitioner, and grandmother. I have an indescribable relationship with words and the energy they hold and transmit, and I derive great pleasure in sharing my thoughts and ideas with others. I am a gatherer of people and a lover of life.