Take time, in this moment, to connect with the events in your life in which you have "settled"-- not compromised on, or agreed to-- but experiences in which you have allowed yourself to experience and "be" LESS than what you truly are. We are sure you can find many such experiences, for it's much easier to settle than to stand up for your own magnificence. It's much easier to "go along with" what everyone else wants, what everyone else believes, what's best for everyone else, what doesn't rock the boat...but where do YOU fit into that equation? What is best for you? Even when you know what's best, you will still choose to settle, going against the quiet voice within you that says you deserve better than what you are allowing yourself to experience. And yet, the fear of embracing an unknown future, the fear of acknowledging the power within you to create a future of your own making, will keep you settling for a life that is unfulfilled, time and time again.

During this time of great transformation, you will find more excuses to settle, to go back to the old ways of doing things, instead of moving forward. You may even deem your own transformation as something that is impossible at this time, due to the extraordinary events that are unfolding right now, but know this--NOTHING is impossible, and yet you will look out at the world around you, the circumstances around you, and you will say that it is--or maybe you won't "say" that it is impossible, but in your mind and and in your thoughts you will "think" that it is, and thus make it so, for you have not learned to imagine all the other wondrous possibilities that surround you at any given moment...possibilities you need only open your mind and spirit to, in order to bring them into your reality.

You were not meant to be tied and bound to a reality based in fear. You were not meant to be afraid of experiencing change, because in being fearful of change you become fearful of life, and life is far too magical, too beautiful to miss out on. Instead, begin to believe that change brings all things that are good, and in doing so you will begin to see that. Begin to believe that all things are possible, and in doing so you will begin to EXPERIENCE that, for anything that you believe becomes SO. Most importantly, refrain from looking to the world outside of you for validation...look to the world within you and just "imagine".

So, in this moment, will you settle for less, OR dream of more? In a world full of impossibilities, ALL things are possible... when you decide that they are.

The Angels

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Dorie Bowlin is a Spiritual Messenger and Teacher, Metaphysician, and Reiki Master Teacher. To learn more about her and to sign up to receive free daily angel messages in your email, powerwithin.us