Where you focus that is where your attention will go. Because of this human phenomena when you hold an image, and visualize an outcome, you empower yourself to move in that direction.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of holding a clear picture in your imagination of what you want as part of the process of manifestation. Years and years ago I participated in a workshop whose topic was strategies for success. To emphasize the power of holding an image in mind, they had us do an experiment. They divided the room into three groups, A, B, and C. Then they divided each group into smaller groups of 6 people in each subgroup.

Imagine a very large room with groups of six adults sitting in a small circle scattered about the room. I'm guessing there were about 21 small groups, 7 groups in each category.

At the same time each group was given a jigsaw puzzle. Not a 500 piece puzzle all in the color purple, but one suitable for ages 3 - 6 with images of Mickey Mouse and friends up to some misadventure.

On your mark, get set, go. We were told to put our puzzle together.

Each group had an assistant standing by with a stop watch to time how long it took to complete the puzzle. When all the groups were done the average times were calculated and posted on an easel at the front of the room but the easel was turned away from us and we couldn't see the results.

What we found out was that group A was given a puzzle in a box that had the picture of the puzzle on it. Group B was given a puzzle in a box that had a different picture than the puzzle in the box. Group C was given a puzzle in a box that had no lid and, therefore, no picture at all.

Now for the calculations. But first, I'd love for you to guess. Which group do you think finished the puzzle first? A, B, or C?

Drum Roll Pleeeesssse....

If you guessed A - well you are correct. A, working with the correct picture, did indeed finish assembling the puzzle first.

Which one do you guess finished second?

I have used this example quite often as a teaching story and about 85% of the people asked this question will respond C, the reasoning that there is no incorrect photo to distract from getting the puzzle done.

What did you guess?

The fact is group B finished before group C. The groups that had the incorrect picture got there more quickly than the group with no picture at all.

What do you make of that? It seems that a picture, an image of where we are going, even if incorrect, will get us there more quickly than no image at all.

So imagine setting off to visit with Mickey only to find yourself playing with Donald and realizing Donald was really the fit you were looking for. That's how we create. We imagine an end state scenario and get going to put that puzzle together and sometimes we find out that that picture didn't represent our puzzle at all, but it was good enough to get us into action. And action is required in any creative endeavor.

"Real Life" Example: You are dating Minnie, only to discover that although Minnie is very lovely, Daisy is more your style. Daisy is Minnie's friend. You would never have met Daisy if you hadn't gone out with Minnie. Life is like that sometimes.

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