What I am suggesting in this article is that there are seven things you could look to change in order to improve your life.

We all have times in our life when we wish we could change things. Sometimes this is only a vague, fanciful wish but, at other times, it may be a serious desire to improve.

Making changes to improve your life really is a major undertaking. It is not something that should be done without a plan or direction. To really improve your life, you need to have a clear idea of your final outcome. Your vision can then be broken down into smaller steps and you work on just one step at a time.

The 7 things;

1) Your Look –Your clothes, your style of dress, your hairstyle and, maybe, your make-up, are things you can change easily.

This, of course, is only a superficial change and yet you may be surprised. Changing your look, even in a small way, can often make you feel good about yourself. You may also notice that other people respond to you differently.

2) Your Outlook – Your outlook on life has a big impact on the way you live life. Many of us have developed a negative attitude on life; we expect things to go wrong or we tend to look on the dark side of things. Often we will not attempt new things because we fear or expect to fail.

By becoming more positive, we become more willing to improve things. Instead of expecting to fail, we can see opportunities for success. By being positive, we can enjoy things more and find pleasures in even small things of life. A positive outlook helps give you strength, motivation and opportunities to improve yourself and your life, while also enjoying it!

3) Your Routine – Many of us live a life that is routine. Routine dictates the nature and pace of our life. New opportunities are barred to us if they cannot be fitted into our routine. Changing our routine could be as simple as getting up earlier, going to a different bar or watching a different TV show. One of the problems with following a routine is that we find ourself thinking about what happens next; in doing this, we miss what is happening now.

Changing your routine makes you open to new opportunities; you are no longer running your life ‘on rails’ so that you cannot change direction and try new things. Now you can take time to notice new things that you may want to explore further. If someone comes up to you with an ‘offer’, you no longer automatically say ‘no’, you can, if you so wish, jump at the opportunity!

4) Your Work – Your work forms a major part of your life. Yet are you fully happy in your work? Changing your work is a big decision to make. Many people find themselves stuck in an unfulfilling job. Changing a job can bring about a change in income and it may be this uncertainty that makes it hard to change. Sometimes, you may be forced to change, either because of a change in your own or the company’s circumstances.

Changing your work can bring about new opportunities and new possibilities. It can bring changes in life and lifestyle. The important thing is to take charge of such changes and ensure they are changes that you want. If you consider changing your work, it is a good idea to have support, from your family, from trusted colleagues and from a professional advisor or life coach.

5) Your Health – Your health is important. It does not matter how good your life is, if you do not you’re your health, you cannot fully enjoy it. Your health is your responsibility. Visit your doctor, your dentist, and any other health official regularly to help maintain your health but there are also steps you can take yourself to improve your health.

If you know you eat unhealthily, then you can change your diet. You can increase your exercise, join a gym if you wish or simply start by walking more.Take steps to quit smoking or cut down on alcohol consumption.

6) Your Relationship – Being in a relationship is better than not being in a relationship. Many, though, stay in a bad relationship without considering the alternatives. With the help of a relationship coach, it is possible to improve a relationship. Alternatively, if a relationship is not providing the support you need , then you may consider ending that relationship.

If you are not in a relationship then you can make steps to find one or create one. Many of us sit back and wait for a relationship opportunity to come to us. A more positive approach would be to go out and seek a new relationship. Being in a relationship is better than not; so you can justify spending your time, energy and money searching for and building a relationship.

7) Your Lifestyle –You may already find that a change has already occurred in your lifestyle as a result of making changes in your work, your relationship or your health. Some of us, though, may wish to make further or more significant changes in our lifestyle. For some this may involve ‘down-shifting’ or leading a simpler life. For others it may involve climbing the ladder and leading a more prosperous or rich life. In either case, financial planning is important and it would make sense to enlist the help of a financial professional.

A lifestyle change can be less dramatic. It may simply involve making new friends or new social contacts. A simple change of lifestyle can be made by changing the décor of your home. You may want to invite friends or people you have not yet met, into your home and thereby expand your social life.

No one can tell you that making change is easy. There is always some small voice in the back of your head telling you that it cannot be done. Making change can be done but it is not always easy, which is why throughout your change I would suggest seeking professional support and guidance. When you do make change, be firm in your belief that it can be done and call upon the support whenever you need it.

Author's Bio: 

Douglas Woods is a qualified teacher, life coach and counsellor. You can find out more about his work at www.dougwoods.com or his blog Become a Better Person