Oh how quick I am to judge and find fault in others. Before the program I was quite self righteous - I could see and tell you what you and others were doing wrong, but I was largely blind to my own faults. It was so easy to point my finger, but in the program I learned that when I do, there are four fingers pointing back to me.

As I worked my program and became more self aware, what I learned was that the reason it's easy to find specific faults is because I often have the very same faults as well. In other words, if I can spot it, I got it. That was quite a revelation.

The longer I'm in recovery, the more true I find this to be. In fact nowadays, if I curse at someone for not using their turn signal, I find I'm doing the same thing moments later. The lesson here is humility. No one is a saint. We're all doing the best we can, and my job is to work on myself and spot and correct my own faults - not yours.

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