There are just too many decisions to make in a day. Don’t you think? I am reminded of my mother, when pressed about why she had made a decision that befuddled her children, would declare, “I am the parent that’s why.” There is no getting around that is there? There is an ultimate authority that seems to trump all other reason.

On a teleclass I bemoaned the fact that I just had too many ideas floating around in my head. How to choose? What is most important? Which one will be the best decision of all time? This is not new for me. I have an idea mobile that hangs over my desk. When I get an idea I hang it from my mobile. My hope is the ideas will float there for me to work on instead of mucking up the workings of my brain.

I talked about being a creative vagabond. There isn’t just one thing that draws my complete attention. Ok maybe I have something else that might require pharmaceuticals, but I contend that I just overflow with creativity.

How to choose? The laundry room in my building is closed. I went out and stood on a street corner with my shopping cart of laundry trying to decide which Laundromat to drop off my clothes. The one in front of me was closer, the one to my left was on the way back from work, and the one behind me I had been to before but was too far away. I was anxious. What if they used bleach on my new 300 count sheets I had gotten for free? It came down to making a choice and taking a chance.

I have been the undecider, afraid to make the wrong decision. I have done it before and paid the price. It is much better to be right. A crystal ball would help. The state of indecision has let me off the hook. If I don’t decide I am not wrong. I am mulling. Thinking. Weighing my options. Here is the rub, it is tiring hanging onto all that possibility and never bringing it into fruition.

I won’t know until I get my clothes back if this new place was the right one. If I am wrong I will pick another place. Maybe I will have to buy news sheets. Is it really the end of the world? Most of the time, our decisions are not life-threatening. Maybe we will be uncomfortable or we might lose some money but for the most part an error can be corrected. Can’t we just admit we were wrong?

My mobile floats above me. My ideas circulate like birds ready to land. Hopefully I will always be full of ideas. Occasionally I will follow the wrong one. But mostly I will take a chance and learn from the experience. I have decided.

Author's Bio: 

Sandra Lee Schubert is a writer, poet and interfaith minister. She is the founder of Wild Woman Ministries and Network - forums to explore and express creativity and spirituality.

"I call myself a lifestyle and creative entrepreneur consultant. I gather information and share it with as many people as I can. I am also a creative vagabond, a person who likes to explore, dabble and immerse myself into many pools of creativity"

She has created a successful e-course, Writing for Life: Creating a Story of Your Own, leading a person through building the foundation for a lifetime of writing and creating their life story. She facilitates a popular writing program called the Wild Angels Poets and Writers Group at the historic Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York City. The Wild Angels produce an anthology of their work each year as well as host an annual reading.

She has just has joined forces with producer, speaker,and media personality Phyllis Haynes to create Wild Woman Free Network bringing you radio that is transformative, supportive and motivating.

Their lively and informative talks and interviews with interesting artists, thinkers, and entrepreneurs will be the talk of the town.